Monday, 4 October 2010

Back from the lunch date!

Had fun with my pal Sue this morning, we met at our local Hobbycraft and, given my spend at the craft show I was convinced I wouldn't buy anything . . . well you know, one thing led to another and I did finally succumb to a sheet of Klingon at the vast expense of £3.99!!! Hobbycraft used to charge over a fiver for this stuff so I used to buy it mail order but that's the same sort of price only without any P&P and I did use the last of my present sheet on all the super duper Paper Artsy stamps acquired at said show!!

Anyway, after trawling Hobbycraft for a while, my friend spent just a smidge more than me - but not a lot, it was a very lacklustre Hobbycraft today and their Christmas stuff????? EXACTLY - where is their Christmas stuff. We pointed this out to the staff and they said "that's what everyone's been saying for weeks". DUH! Well if EVERYONE's been saying it then why aren't management doing something about it? Is it me? Rant over and we adjourned to John Lewis (across the parking lot) to grab a bit of lunch and meander aimlessly around their Christmas department. Two pots of tea and two Egg and Cress rolls (which were yummy btw but should be at JLP prices) we set off, fortified, for the Christmas department leaving half an hour later with arms full of ................. well, basically what we bought in Hobbycraft!!! Another lacklustre Christmas Department. HOWEVER what we did find, on another floor, made us laugh out loud. Now to understand this you need to know that Sue's mum's name is MAVIS and she's quite a perky soul so you can just imagine what we thought when when we saw these ........ MAVIS MEERKAT!!! I think we may just have solved a Christmas present dilemma!!! Actually, I quite liked the cattle you can see on the right too but honestly, I SOOOOO don't need any more "stuff" cluttering up my house!
Anyway, that achieved we tootled off to BHS and I left Sue making a decision about a rather fetching cardigan / jacket - wonder whether she went for it!
Hope you managed to smile as much as we did today.


jackid said...

Hah see told ya you wouldn't be able to resist didn't I glad you had a good time
Jacki xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

LOL...Brilliant Kathy. I'd HAVE to have the cattle I'm afraid. Everybody should have cattle in their home, don't you agree? Lx

Craftyrose said...

Glad you had a great time and I love the meer cats, although the littleys at work call them " mirror cats!"