Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hello, Sunday morning readers

And what a soggy one it is here, and so blooming windy all night!! I had to get up and close the window, it was making the blinds rattle.
All this weather appears to have had an adverse effect on craftbubble this weekend too as, for the second day, I have been unable to access even the log in page - next time I can get in I shall be contacting Origin to let them know about the problems since Friday evening - assumes no-one checks in over the weekend. I guess that we'll be convening here till CB's back!!
However, not being able to access craftbubble means no "lost hours" chatting on-line so maybe more crafting will get done!! I DO have new stamps and inks to try and, so far I've only ripped the wrapper off of one ink and my new template . . . . I have some new Paper Artsy "stuff" to play with and I sat and cut out the stamps and mounted on Klingon yesterday (some of them were too large to fit on either of my acrylic blocks which already have tack'n peel on and I haven't bought more ...... yet, so Klingon it had to be - that, or a six week wait till I get the opportunity to ink them up! Anyhoo, off to play now so dooooooooooooo check back later to see what I came up with.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Ooooh, can't wait to see what today brings then Kathy. Looks like we've got all the sun here...sorry about that...very blowey though. Enjoy playing with your new stash. I await the results with baited breath... Lx

scrappyjacky said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Paperartsy stuff,Kathy.It's pretty wet and windy here as well.

Katiejane said...

Hope you had an eventful day Kathy! Weather was beautiful here :)

Kathyk said...

Been pretty rubbish all day here!

Dora said...

Awww so sorry to hear about the weather over there... you just have to come spend some time here :) Had a nice sunny day here and we've been out all day long.