Saturday, 30 October 2010

Morning and welcome to the weekend dear readers

Yesterday was a lazy old day with nothing much to do except veg by the pool and go grocery shopping at some point........ but we DID go out for the afternoon and goodness only knows how we did it but we found ourselves on the street that runs round the back of Universal Studios and I took THIS ................... a photo of the dragons challenge roller coaster, which Wynneth and I rode whilst in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! SCARY huh? Wynneth reckoned she kept her eyes closed for most of the ride!!! Open 'em now Wynneth!

We carried on down Hiawassee until we hit Turkey Lake and then, by a strange turn of events, found ourselves outside of the Michaels!! (go figure). Steve asked if I wanted to head in - does the pope have a balcony? OF COURSE I wanted in . . . . and found this little stash (like I needed more stash but hey, what's a girl to do?)

It was then onwards and homewards via Publix - for those pesky groceries and then home for a glass (or two) of dry white and a pork chop dinner.

It's obviously a clear day here today as we've woken up to see no fewer than EIGHT hot air balloons over the house - I don't think they were looking for our house specifically but . . .

Over on craftbubble's Craft Mad & Loving It group it is the turn of the lovely Debs to present the sketch this week and her chosen twist is "Going Postal" - and this I MIGHT struggle with but I haven't given up yet. Here is her sketch and if you fancy
having a go then head over to here.

There are some mighty fine cards to check out, from the design team too, so why not pop over and have a look.

As it's Saturday, this means we shall be out to dinner with our neighbours, Sally and Roger, this evening and we're going out a little later than normal because they are taking their grandchildren to the Mount Dora corn maze, so we're thinking that we'll just head on over to a local restaurant like Bob Evans or Applebees or Chilis.

However, you are planning to spend your Saturday then I hope you will have a great one.


My name is Wynneth said...

OMG! I can't believe that you made me ride that 'coaster Kathy!!!! Now I'm really surprised I didn't throw up - could see what I was letting myself in for as we were walking through the dark tunnel up to the ride!!! Mind you, it was fun wasn't it!!! LOL Great piccie too :o) Nice to see you are managing a little crafty shopping without me there to help make you do it!

Enjoy your dinner tonight and say Hi to Sally and Roger for us :O)

Lauren Hatwell said...

Are you two CRAZY!? What the HECK made you go on that thing... I'd have been volunteering to hold the coats I'm afraid. There is NO WAY!!!! No wonder you needed a bit of crafty shopping to soothe the senses there Kathy. Very nice little haul you got there. I salute you.

Not sure I could resist skipping along to the Corn Maze myself (its my inner child...). Deeply jealous to be missing out on dinner. Have one for me.... Lx