Thursday, 21 October 2010


Morning readers,

Last night was Wynneth and Tom's last night and they wanted MEAT!!!! They had planned to go to the Longhorn steakhouse and asked us if we would like to join them . . . we had no plans so said that yes, we would be happy to join them. Having dined at the Longhorn several times we suggested perhaps they might like to try one of our favourite haunts - Mannies in Haines City. Now this is not a tourist attraction but, boy do they get busy!! We called ahead and still had to wait 25 minutes when we got there but we sat at the bar and enjoyed two 4 one beers and spirits. Once seated we ordered more drinkies (Wynneth was driving so was on iced tea) and Tom firmly embraced the two for one rum and coke . . . . sorry about that, so early in the morning, but it does show how much fun we were having!!!

Once we left Mannies, Wynneth and I had hatched a plot which involved a side trip to Michaels for a feigned comfort break!! And a little shopping!

IMAGINE our surprise when I rounded a corner and bumped in to Karen and Becky, our fellow craftapalooza-ites!!! Wonder what they were doing in there? Apparently they'd been dining locally and just felt the urge for a little retail therapy too. Karen and family still have a few days left so I wonder how many more opportunities they will find . . .

As we headed towards home we saw a fabulous sunset and, sadly, my photo probably doesn't truly do it justice. Back to our place for a chat, to ensure Wynneth had ALL of her craft purchases . . . . she even had time for a little last minute crafting! That's my girl!!! Safe journey home both and now I have no more "WYNNETH MADE ME DO IT" opportunities.

Thanks for looking and, as always, love to read your comments. Have a great Thursday


scrappyjacky said...

So now you've no more excuses for all the shopping!!!!

Kathyk said...

Quite right, now any shopping I do will be my own fault!!!!

Doodles said...

Wow looks like you all have been having a super time and look at all the yummy stash you have got i bet America will miss the crafty English group when you all return home. Safe trip everyone xox See you all on the Bubble.
Hugs Sharon x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Well your loss is my gain. I get to see them tomorrow. Woohoo! They'll be sorry to leave, I know. I can tell you've all had a brilliant time. Lx