Wednesday, 20 October 2010


And blimey it's been nine years since we last did a theme park which, considering we've been here two and three times a year ever since, must seem like some kind of a record. Our U.S. neighbours reckon we're the least tourist-y tourists they've ever come across!!!

We've had a pair of tickets for Universal in our drawer ever since 2001 and one of us thought we had a day left and the other didn't so we just ignored them. Anyway, Wynneth and Tom wanted to go to Universal to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - and so did I, so we went today(Tuesday).

We picked up Wynneth and Tom and saved $15 on parking by only taking one car and then went to the ticket booth - imagine how chuffed we were to discover that both tickets still had one days validity, thus saving us $186! Woo Hoo indeed (as my blue crafting buddy might say). Once inside we simply had to head straight for the WWoHP stopping at the Hogwarts Express where the boys admired the train and Wynneth and I departed to take the Dragons Challenge (used to be the duelling dragon roller coaster) . . . it SAID a 15 minute wait but almost an hour later we emerged and headed off for Hogwarts . . . . where the line was now over an hour long - so we passed and went to Jurassic park instead. We stopped for liquid refreshment on the way as it was warming up a treat (sorry, fellow Brits freezing away at home) by now. Jurassic's water ride was pleasantly refreshing and we stepped out of the boat only very slightly moist. Then buoyed by the fact that the water rides didn't seem that wet Wynneth and Tom chose to go on the river cruise ....... WRONG (with a capital WWWWWW) - they exited this particular ride absolutely soaked and dripped their way round for a while till they dried!! (OOPS). We circled around until we found our way (strangely enough) back at Hogwarts where the line was 45 minutes so we thought we would risk it. The mandrake display was ready for re-potting, the sorting hat sang to us and the portraits kept us well entertained till we hit the great hall where Harry, Ron and Hermione entreated us to join them at the Quidditch match and we duly stepped aboard the ride that would take us there . . . via dragons, the wood, the whomping willow nearly got us but we made it unscathed to fight another day - fabulous. Done with the theme park we headed out of the park and in to Bubba Gumps - for shrimp, shrimp and more shrimp (except Tom, who had a burger). After our early dinner we dropped Wynneth and Tom back at their place and came home to take a dip in the pool to cool off, a fab day. So . . . . . here are some piccies
It certainly LOOKS like a harmless river cruise . . . doesn't it?
so how did they get so wet?
A nice snowy Hogsmeade - and Hogwarts school for Witches and Wizards!
Here's the guard to Dumbledores office - Sherbert Lemons! and the sorting hat too!
Here you see me, Steve and Wynneth, at Bubba Gumps - mmm!
Hope you all managed to stay drier than Wynneth and Tom, have a super Wednesday too, I'll be back later with piccies of WOYWDW, so please check back later.


scrappyjacky said...

Looks great fun,Kathy.

Katiejane said...

Now that is luck, looks like you had a fab time!
Katie x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Oh I am soooooo jealous. Glad to see you had such a great day. Mannie's is one of my faves. I can almost taste the steak and salad. Mmmmmmm. don't forget to save me a chilli. LOL.


Dora said...

I loved it too at Harry Potter... yes the queues were always that long but worth it. Didn't you try the butter beer? Yum that was yummy he he :)