Friday, 26 November 2010

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I've been given another award this time from Lyn (Spyder) thanks Lyn, you are very kind indeed.

Apparently I now have to pass this on to a further seven deserving friends who, this time are:








Well, my word, I've been busy this morning as I was meeting a pal at 11ish for coffee, a natter and a wander round Hobbycraft - no surprise there then - the surprise is that I only bought ribbons as they were three for two! I decided to head off real early and get to the mall as it opened and hit the Christmas shopping!!! YIKES, HOW brave!?!??!?! It was plainly worth doing though as I have virtually finished - yes I said FINISHED my Christmas shopping. There were two presents I couldn't get because we've not had the Secret Santa draw yet (that's Wednesday) and I still need a few bits and pieces for hubby but otherwise - I'M DONE!!! Hooray is all I can say. The mall was mobbed by the time I left so I'm glad I shouldn't have to go again between now and the new year, I'm pretty sure I can fill the gaps without having to go there again!

Anyhoo - no time for crafting yet today so I'd best hop to it!

Hope your day is as successful and mine. Newsflash - it started snowing around 4pm and hasn't stopped since!! The roads are still clear (at the moment) but the grass is beginning to disappear! YIKES - and the weather forecasters only this morning told us we were goign to miss snow - WRONG . . . . again!



scrappyjacky said...

Well done on getting all the xmas shopping done...what with all the cards done as're really ahead!!!
And many thanks for the award.

SallyB said...

Hi Kathy
Many Thanks for this magical tinkerbell award...
I will post it up tomorrow, Blog hop finishes then!
Just got back from a Craft fair which was a bit of a waste of time money wise as I bought more than I sold! There was a Stampin up lady there who was selling loads of things for 50p...
Busy at work starting the Christmas displays which are based on traditional Carols... around the school and hanging things in the hall!
Be back again soon!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Thanks Kathy. blogger won't let me upload any pics at the moment for some reason but I will post this asap. Lx

Karen said...

Awwwww thanks Kathy, I'll go add it to my blog now.


jackid said...

I'm going to do mine next week I kept hoping that if I ignored xmas it would go away but it doesn't look like thats going to work (damn blast) so I am going to bite the bullet and get it done the downside is Amy says she wants to come with me which means she's after something lol kids!!!!!
Take care and have a great weekend
Jacki xx