Tuesday, 30 November 2010

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Since my poor friend had to cancel our coffee morning today because of her poorly car I decided to stay in and craft! There's a thing, bet that's not occurred to any of you, my readers - has it????

I did some touristy things on my recent vacation (Craftapalooza 2010) and have so far only scrapped the actual craft meeting but hubby and I went on to visit Universal Studios with Wynneth and Tom and also a visit to the west coast of Florida where we caught sight of the first manitees we've ever seen in the wild . . . so I set to work selecting some photos of our visit to Universal, where we visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Hmmmmm, discovered that my photos were sooo not going to fit on to two pages without looking really cramped so it evolved in to a three page layout. FORTUNATELY, I have plenty of fab double sided thick paper/card from my Costco stack and they have four sheets of each design in the pack so I was pretty sure I could find something suitable . . . I did, basically grey with stars on one side and a muted pinkish red with stars on the other so . . . . I did my journalling on the PC before layering on to black and then attaching some purple/gold ribbon behind and then sticking on to my base layer. I matted my photos on to white card before adhering them at a jaunty angle! I separated them in to Wizarding World of Harry Potter (outside) for layout 1, WWofHP (inside) for another and then the rest of Universal for the third layout - it seemed sensible at the time! For the second layout I used the framed piccie of "Hogwarts" as my focal point with the inside shots of Hogwarts matted on to white card beneath, the journalling from page one sort of explained the photo content. For my third layout (on the reverse of the double sided paper) I had kept the offcut panel produced in reducing my 12" x 12" sheet to 8½" x 11" so distressed this panel and then tied two co-ordinating pieces of organza ribbon in to knot before adhering this to my red side. I chose the smallest photo and matted on to white card and adhered this on to the panel just above the ribbon choosing to mat the remaining photos on to white card and then cutting black card the same size as this layered panel and then attached the photos to the black card at an angle so that when adhered in place in the album the photographs are square to the page. I added a couple of little bits of journalling to explain (since the main journalling was now two pages back in the album) and Voila!!! Hope you like it and think it was a useful way to spend my snowed in time!!!!!

You'll be pleased to hear that our temperature has SOARED and reached the heady warmth of ZERO degrees - some four degrees warmer than we managed yesterday so I'm hopeful that the snow which fell overnight may well melt this afternoon but we're expecting more tonight - BUM.

Hope you are all managing to stay warm and safe wherever you are in the country.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Ooooh, you have been busy. Great LO's there Kathy. Is that Hogwarts' Express I spied? I really am soooooooo jealous!


My name is Wynneth said...

You have been a busy girl!! I am sooo.. relieved to see that the very unflattering image of tom and I, drenched to our skin and looking like two drowned rats, was the pic you reduced in size to include!!! Fabulous layouts BTW and seeing them has brought lovely memories crowding back into my head! I haven't even printed a single piccie from Craftapalooza 2010 yet (hangs head in shame) let alone think about scrapbooking them :O( I am so looking forward to really retiring so I'll have time for more enjoying pursuits than VAT returns!!!

scrappyjacky said...

Some lovely memories there,Kathy.
We've had very little snow so far....but a severe weather warning for tonight.

Kathyk said...

Sorry Wynneth but it had to be done!

Yes, Lauren, that is indeed the Hogwarts Express you spied - but it doesn't move, just pours forth steam!


Katiejane said...

It's lovely to see you doing some scrapbooking Kathy and these are great.
Stay warm and safe in this chilly weather. It's -6 here today and the roads are like ice rinks brrrrrrr!
Katie x