Monday, 1 November 2010

And the pelicans all say "HI" or is it "mine, mine, mine"!!!!

Morning peeps and welcome to another week.

How was your Halloween?

We went off early after lunch yesterday and headed towards Tampa and on to Clearwater where we parked by the Palm Pavilions beach bar and stopped in for a glass of iced tea, got chatting to a chap there over said beverage which made for an interesting half hour. Then we took off down the beach to the pier. The pelicans all say "HI" by the way peeps!

We then drove down the coast as far as Johns Pass, as recommended by my own cousin and her family, following their recent visit here.

The photo on the left is of our approach to Clearwater - I have to own up that it is a bit more interesting than any of the main roads in to Bristol but hey . . . . so's the weather!

As we headed inland again we passed this shop and realised that, now Halloween is done, it's only 53 days until CHRISTMAS!!! - YIKES, best I get on with making tags, cards and buying my Christmas gifts when I get home. After all, I won't be wanting to go out much for a few days . . . till I get used to the cold again!
We stopped off in Lakeland at the outdoor mall (most of the shops were closed by the time we arrived - a fact Steve was DELIGHTED to discover!) so we headed in to the Longhorn steakhouse there and chowed down on a Flo's filet (7oz for me and 9 for himself!) and the waiter, blessed with a sense of humour, asked if we'd saved room for dessert!!! Ha Ha, that was a no then.
As we neared home we opted to drive round our own and a neighbouring sub division to check out their Halloween decorations. Would you believe that, at 9:15 pm, many people were outside taking them down!!!!! There were only a few footsore Trick or Treaters heading home as we pulling in to our own sub division so there were no claims on our stash of candy which means we'll have to eat it all before heading for home - lucky we still have some time, eh?

As always, I look forward to your comments on your shared "virtual vacation" - come on, don't be shy!!!


My name is Wynneth said...

Mornin' thanks for allowing me to share the virtual trip to Clearwater - such a pity that we didn't actually make the journey ourselves
:O( will have to put it top of the list for our next visit! Why do they think you'll be able to eat dessert? all I can guess is that Americans have much larger stomaches than me!!!!!! LOL Good luck with consuming those trick or treat sweets :O)

Lauren Hatwell said...

MMmmmm Trick or Treat Candy leftovers. Got any of those scrummy peanut butter crackling type sweeties we had in February Kathy? Ooooh they were lovely......

Well I have to say that sounds like a pretty idyllic day to me. Awww, I do love the Pelicans. How nice of them to pose for you too! Very obliging aren't they. Well, what's on the agenda today then? I can hardly wait to find out. This virtual vacation lark isn't half bad you know. Lx

Kathyk said...

I have a new follower, I have been holding at 35 for a while now but have been joined today by Juniejo, so welcome to you Juniejo


Melly said...

Oh wow honey!
So wish I had really been there! Sounds so amazing! Stopping for the wee ice tea and then a giant steak dinner!
Another wee fab day of your holie pops!
Hugs Melly xxx