Monday, 8 November 2010

A few more piccies of our day pretending to be tourists!

My second post of the day so if you missed my earlier post you might want to scroll down and check it out.

Yesterday we went over to the west coast of Florida but a little further north than we've normally gone and then tracked the coast road south till we hit the 50 (a major road which wends its weary way back to Orlando!). On the way back along the 50 I tripped over a Michael's and simply had to nip in and see what was new - coming back out with a Martha Stewart RTP punch set - Poinsettia! Ooops.

The picture on the left is of Homossassa and the one above right is Crystal River.

As for today, well it's almost 3pm here right now as I type this and we've been slobbing about all day. I've changed the sheets and towels back to the house linen and have washed ours so it can all get packed - it's beginning to feel like we're going home! I guess it is true though, this time on Wednesday we'll be all packed and pretty much ready to go to the airport ready for our flight at 7:50. At least I have another three hours as I've been telling people we're on the early flight and we're NOT! That's NEXT trip! DUH! Still, ALL of my purchases have fitted in to the case and there's still a little room left for any last minute "must packs"! We're heading off out in a mo - with a view to visiting a DIY store as hubby's found something extra he simply must do before we leave but the knock on effect is that there is a great little Tex Mex restaurant called Chili's right night to Lowes (the DIY store) - for shame!!!

I HAVE made a couple of last minute projects, a card and an ATC, which I shall post in the morning but (basically) that's my crafting done now till I get home on Thursday - boo hoo. I simply couldn't bear to pack it all away without making something else. I shall be sorry to return the table to Sally too!, because it has been fab being able to craft and watch TV or chat to hubby whilst doing so. Having seen my table of craftiness on my WOYWDW shots - doesn't it look bare now?

Hope you've enjoyed your virtual Florida vacation with us, and that your own Monday is galloping along nicely.

Special get well wishes to the birthday boy Andy, hope you'll soon feel better. Also hoping my other poorly pals are feeling better now, that's Sue and Jacky.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Lovely pics Kathy. Sad to see The Table of Craftiness looking so bare...sniff, sob... Lx

scrappyjacky said...

I think you should go out and buy yourself one of those tables.....before you get any more craft stuff!!!!!

Lilian said...

More lovely pictures Kathy. I have enjoyed your holiday with all the pictures. Thank you for taking the time to take us with you. Take care lilian

My name is Wynneth said...

Just going through the posts I've missed over the past few days Kathy. Lovely piccies of your 'tourist' day out :o) Oooo... poor table of craftiness, so bare and sad :O( Still, it does have some lovely memories!

Off to see a later post now :O)