Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Hi there and welcome to another sunny morning here in Florida

Of course, there is bad news too . . . . it's pretty chilly out there! AND (much much worse news) we are packing to leave for home today - where DID the last five weeks go?

It's WOYWDW (What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday) but not only have I packed my craft stuff but I no longer have a work desk either, having returned the table to its rightful home last evening! I shall be well ready for a craft fix by the time I get home, I can tell you! So, no WOYWDW piccies from me today!

Talking of a craft fix, as we were, I bought some fab plastic packaging (went halves with the lovely Wynneth) to make some little gifties so will be trying that out when I get home. Snagged a photo at the wondrous Violettes so I can remember what the heck I'm supposed to be doing with them - just got to hope they don't get squished on the way home!

Hubby's all but done packing up and I just have some last minute laundry to do - if we hadn't already had some toast for breakfast then we could have gone out to breakfast. As it is, we can just enjoy our last day here - we're already checked in (on-line, what a fab gadget) so have the rest of the day to ourselves - anyone care to join us!

I hear that my crafting pal, Andy, is still poorly and I hope you will start to feel better real soon. Sue also continues to improve and my fingers are crossed for her full recovery in the near future too. Rosie's still in plaster and getting impatient to have the plaster removed - who wouldn't be?

Enjoy your Wednesday peeps, it'll soon be the weekend!!! Have a good one however you spend it - I know I shall be desperately trying to sleep on a sixpence later and feeling grumpy in the morning!


Debs M x said...

have a good trip back x

Lilian said...

You grumpy Kathy Never.
Speak when you get home. Take care have a good journey home. Lilian x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Have a safe journey home Kathy. Lx