Thursday, 18 November 2010

I am completely underwhelmed by cold today!

Morning readers,
You've probably noticed my posts this week have been a tad shorter than usual (and not quite so many of them either) - this is entirely due to the fact I am suffering with a cold. Now a cold is not normally associated with being serious and I'm not pretending mine is any worse than anyone else's but ....... why do they make you feel so yucky and lethargic? And what about those runny noses? As if its not bad enough you feel under par but to make you look like you are auditioning for the part of Rudolph in this seasons panto just ain't fair! Anyway, enough wimping from me, it was really only by way of explaining the slight lack of crafting in the house of purple (and now clashing redness!) this week . . . . I hope that normal service will be resumed shortly.
As a result of the above lethargy I cancelled my post vacation hair and facial appointments, so am now feeling well ticked!
One of the few things I have managed to do this week is to make a gift box or two for some small Christmas gifties - can't tell you what they house because then I would have to kill you! I was trawling blogs when Lauren (aka BlueBertie) posted photos of some gift boxes she had found on the Splitcoast stampers site. They were lovely so I nipped off over there to check out their fab tutorials on said giftie boxes -check it out here, so simple - give them a go this Christmas! Neither gift box is quite finished at this moment so no piccies to post yet . . . . I hope to rectify that later so do feel free to check back later.
Other than that (and the fact that hubby seems to be also developing the MUCH WORSE version of my cold - the MAN FLU!!) not much going on in the house of purple today. I hope to finish and photograph at least one of the gift boxes so feel free to stop by again later and see what happened, it's always nice to read your comments too so thanks, in advance!
Hope you are all managing to stay healthier than we are and also warm and dry following the recent weather which seems to have been complete pants since we came home from vacation last week!


Lauren Hatwell said...

So sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly Kathy. I do hope you're on the mend very soon. Those boxes ARE great aren't they. easy as pie too. Just the way we like em eh... Perfick!


Melly said...

Hey Kathy
Sorry to hear your still under the weather! These horrible colds are the worse and just attack us when we least want them too!!
Sending you hugs! Get a wee hot choccie, hot water bottle, a cover and get cosy with a good film or book!!
Hugs Melly xxx

Kathyk said...

Sounds like a plan Melly

My name is Wynneth said...

Oh poor you, having to cope with a chap with MAN FLU :O( not good!! Hope you feel better soon yourself :O)