Tuesday, 30 November 2010

It's Tuesday and another chilly start!

Morning all,

Another cold night though I suspect warmer than the night before . . . because it snowed!! Woke up to what can best be described as a light dusting! The weather forecasters were nearly right - they said it would continue snowing until 9:00 but it had already stopped before 7! Not that I'm at all sorry about it stopping you understand! I know some people will be waiting for heavy snow so they can go sledging, ski-ing etc but I'm not one of those - I just like to be able to get where I'm going and safely. So, if you are going out and about today then do take care and wrap up warm!
Yesterday was a busy day for me hence not much crafting. I went off to see one of my pals - the one who had been in hospital just before I went away. I had been avoiding her since my return because of my cold and not wanting to pass it to her but I decided that I was probably no longer contagious! She had said she would like to buy a few Christmas cards from my collection so I put them ALL (yes, all 100 of them) in to a briefcase and took them with me - she bought ten, thanks Dorothy. From there I went to the home of my friend, Naomi's, parents with a view to tracking down Naomi. They were in so I had a natter with them and was lucky enough to run in to Naomi whilst I was there, she's moving at the weekend so GOOD LUCK NAOMI.

Once I got home and had lunch I decided there was nothing for it by to start writing my Christmas cards, isn't it astonishing how long this takes each year? I wrote 42 before I got writers cramp! I expect I'll crack on and write some more today though.

I was going to be out this morning, meeting a friend for coffee but, following a radiator problem with her car, she is without antifreeze!! You can imagine that this is not a great situation to find yourself in with the weather the way it is. She works the rest of the week and is currently seconded to offices in the middle of nowhere so really NEEDS a reliable car and I completely understand this MUST take priority over supping coffee and munching on mince pies! - maybe next week!

Net result of this is that I have time for crafting today. Dawn Bibby is apparently featuring Glitz and Glamour in her show on QVC this afternoon so I might simply have to tune in to it!

What you are doing today do it safely and wrap up warm, it's a chilly one out there!

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jackid said...

It sure is chilly Kathy the white stuff has started to come down again here not to much though just some very small flakes and not very heavy so hopefully it won't be to bad Hubby is travelling down to Ipswich tomorrow and not looking forward to it at all he's hoping it gets cancelled. He used to drive for a living but absolutely hates driving in this weather and I don't blame him never liked it myself when I used to drive. But the thing that makes me laugh is when we were kids it snowed worse than this and everything carried on as normal I can't ever remember schools closing because of it and sometimes it was above knee high but now lol
have a great day keep warm and do lots of crafting you can catch up on your Florida scrapping lol
Jacki xx