Monday, 8 November 2010

Morning and welcome to another week readers

Another week . . . and we have to go home this week - boo hoo.

Decided to play tourist yesterday since the clocks went back overnight and we gained an extra hour. We decided to head north up the 429 and then the turnpike to Ocala before heading east and hitting Crystal River. We stopped at the local parks and took a few piccies before heading south the Homosassa and WeekiWachi and back via a Michaels - well I still have space in my case AND a voucher burning a hole in my pocket!!!! Met some amazing wildlife, got up close and personal with a couple of pelicans and a squirrel and even managed to see our first ever manatee in the wild - YAY. A fab day and we ended up back at the Santa Fe where we spotted a chicken - so, Lauren - this one's for you!!!

And I also managed to pick up a little something from Michaels that allowed me to finish Rosies themed challenge of gingerbread.

Hope your Monday started off well and that you will have a great Monday everyone.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Looks and sounds like a fabulous day Kathy. That's a MIGHTY BIG CHICKEN... Thanks for that. He's great. I need one for my garden really don't I. Love those pelicans and how lucky are you to see the very shy Manatee IN THE WILD (WILD? He was LIVID! Somebody had to say it. Might as well be me eh...).

It is HISSING DOWN here and has been since early light. Bleugh!

Love your gingerbread card.

Lauren x

Cherry said...

Great pics Kathy - love the pelican. Great card too. Very rainy and cold here today so be prepared to wrap up, Enjoy your last days. Hugs cherry XXX

jackid said...

I can't believe how quickly the time has gone it doesn't seem 5 min since you where say goodbye and now you will be back very soon I'm glad you have had a lovely time. For the inkabilities no I haven't used them before nor the alcoholic ink bottles either so I may be comming to you for somw advice haven't played yet am still feeling a little sensitive shall we say (I sound like I have a hang over not bad ears) but I have put some of the stuff away to play with later tonight take care and make sure you enjoy your last week
love Jacki xx

Lilian said...

Glad you had a good day kathy. Pelicans are so much better in the wild. Nice card as well.
Take care Lilian x