Sunday, 28 November 2010

Morning and welcome to Sunday morning

And my word it's another chilly one - it was minus 6 here overnight - well brrrrr!!! Nipping downstairs to make a cuppa earlier it sure felt a bit chilly too, sounds like the boiler's struggling too.

Hubby's still bound and determined to head off to the field this morning - yes, he IS crazy! I shall send him off with hand warmers and a flask of coffee I think, if he insists on going!

Right, cousin and friend made it for our meeting up over dinner last night and we had a good meal and a fab evening. It was only a Beefeater but they're always consistent and not hugely expensive. We were booked in early so availed ourselves of their version of the "earlybird special" - my fish and chips were really nice and the caramel apple crumble afterwards was pretty nice too. Anyway, we decided it had been a while since we'd had photos so we arranged to take a couple - Deb took some on her i-phone so she had some too but I've also e-mailed her these . . .

L-R: cousin Deb and mate, Liz

Me, trying to look glamorous!!!! (did it work? - I DON'T think so!)

Right, my turn over on Craft Mad & Loving It to set the Sunday theme for the week and I chose . . . . PLANT/S offering both the flora style plant or the tractor/digger style plant and giving what I felt to be plenty of scope!! Hope it proves a popular option!

I'm off in a bit, visiting my friend (who only lives three doors away) for coffee and cake this morning - we've not had the chance to catch up since our return because of my cold and lack of voice so we've a bit of nattering to do!!!! So not much chance for crafting this morning - you might want to check back later and see if I've managed a challenge myself, of any kind!

Have a splendid Sunday whatever you have planned and do stay warm and safe.


clare said...

morning. freezing isn't it!! looks like you had a good night! x

jackid said...

Hi Kathy Glad to hear you had a great night it certainly looks like you did great theme for today at least no xmas theme yeahhhh I am all xmas cards out made far to many lol have a great day
Jacki xx

Dora said...

Awww yes brrrr double from me, it seems so cold over there! I don't remember ever being anywhere so cold. Hugs xxx

Lilian said...

I think you look glamorous Kathy, Glad you had a great evening, Nice photos. Take care lilian

My name is Wynneth said...

I think you look well glamorous my dear, loving the black and gold theme going on!!! Nice to see the piccies of your dining companions too :o) I do have to say that your cousin Deb looks incredibly familiar to me - is there a chance I could have seen her photo before, or could be really spooky and I've met her before? She's from Birmingham you say? Was she born and bred there? I was born and grew up not that far from B'ham and it would be just too spooky if I really did know her wouldn't it!!!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

I think you do too Kathy. Glad you had a nice evening and your cousin made it through the snow. Lx

Katiejane said...

Oh Kathy my stomach is rumbling like mad at the sound of your meal! Yum, I can almost taste it!
I love your photos, they are great and you all look like you are having a blast!
Katie x