Saturday, 13 November 2010

Morning readers and welcome to the start of another weekend

It's Sketchie Day over on Craftbubble's Craft Mad & Loving It group and this weeks sketch has been designed by Karen with her chosen twist this week of "LOTS OF SPARKLE" - not so very hard to do with Christmas cards at the forefront of our minds about now!

Of course, what I need to do first is to put away all my Florida stash in order that I can actually see my workspace, let alone work on it!!! Once I've done that I can crack on with the sketch - this could take a while. It's not going to be helped by the jet lag - I was doing fine until 05:30 this morning when I woke up coughing and couldn't get back to sleep (still haven't) so in addition to jet lag it's beginning to feel like I have a cold coming on too!! Whoop de doo is all I can say, wonder where I picked that up from, it's a little too quick to be blaming the flight back though there were plenty of people coughing and sneezing on the flight back. Here's hoping it won't come to much - my colds always go straight to my throat resulting in me losing my voice - so at least Steve's in for a quiet time!

I could so do without this, if it is a cold, as I have loads of people to catch up with now I'm back and I can't go visiting all contagious now, can I?

Hope your Saturday is proceeding nicely and that you all have lovely plans for the weekend - ENJOY. Do check back later and see whether I've managed a card or merely disappeared under my mound of stash!!!! OR (and this is far more likely) disappeared back to bed for a jet lag induced power nap!


clare said...

hope you scare that cold away kathy. x

My name is Wynneth said...

Sorry to hear that the jet lag has gotcha after all Kathy. Let's hope those nastie germies decide to disappear real soon :O( Not good to get back from having a lovely time and succumbe to germies. Isn't it horrid how people on planes love to share their germs around? Hope you are feeling better and haven't been seriously injured by your huge new stash falling on you!

Louise said...

Your sketchie card turned out ace! (I guess you will post it on your blog today). Sorry to hear about the jet lag and post traveling cold. It must be miserable weather here compared to Florida.
What a lot of stash you bought (I saw it on a previuos post). Has it all found homes yet? How did you get it all in the suitcase to bring home? I bet you had to leave other things in the US to make space!