Saturday, 20 November 2010

Morning readers and welcome to the start of another weekend

How are you all keeping? I hope you are all managing to stay free of colds and coughs - unless you live anywhere near me of course! Poor hubby has now caught my bug and it's turned in to man flu! Wouldn't you just know it! Poor love - so now its my turn to be nursemaid, only fair after all.

Anyway, enough about that - it (the cold) did spoil my plans for a pretty sociable week catching up with friends so I guess I'll just have to try and do that this coming week instead - no biggie, and I'm sure my friends will forgive the extra week rather than have my cold!

Over on craftbubbles Craft Mad & Loving It group it is SKETCHIE DAY! and this Saturday is no exception. Today's offering has been presented by Lauren and her twist is "THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS" - hmmmm. Have a look at her lovely sketch and, if you like it, why not hop over to CMLI here and have a go?

Did you catch any of the Children in Need Show last night? I particularly enjoyed the newsreaders treatment of the Lady Gaga medley but think that the guys got off rather lightly! Strangely enough (since I don't watch Dragons Den) I also rather enjoyed the Come dine with the Dragons.

Whatever you are all up to today I hope you have a lovely day doing it and manage to stay warm and germ free.

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Lauren Hatwell said...

Morning Kathy. Glad to hear you sounding a bit chirpier today. Hope hubby manages to fight off his MF very soon. I'm already excited to see your take on my sketch this week as I KNOW you have a whole raft of delightful Christmas stamps for us to drool over...Woohoo! Have a great weekend.

Lauren x