Friday, 12 November 2010

OMW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd post - there IS an earlier one if you're interested!

Oh My Word!!!

Got on with some unpacking this morning and now I can see the extent of the damage! I guess it's safe to say that I overshopped in Florida and now have to find homes for all of this little lot!! Thank goodness I didn't have much before (she says with tongue firmly in cheek!). Karen has already volunteered to assist me in finding a home for it all by (rather nobly in my mind) offering to take some of it off my hands - that'll be a noooooooooo then! I can't believe how much lovely new craftiness I have to play with AND I hear that a new craft store has opened up not far from me too - you just know I shall have to go check it out and support a new independent store ........ don'cha?!

I hadn't realised that I had notched up 32 cards and, rather spookily if you ask me, 32 ATC's too!! Boy was I busy? No matter, I DO now have all of my Christmas cards made - thank heavens and can now crack on with Christmas shopping and tags!! I really did enjoy making them all and hadn't realised quite how many of them there were!

Do you card makers out there make all your own tags as well as all of your own cards? How many of you make your own gift wrap and boxes/bags too?

Later peeps - I'm off grocery shopping in a mo and can hardly control my excitement!! Can I also just say a great big (and more than a little sarcastic) thank you to the guys who decided to dig up the road outside of our house starting at 07:18 this morning!!!! Cheers lads, not like I wanted to sleep in or anything.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Oh my word! Bet you can't wait to play..... I feel a visit to Bristol coming on..... Tell Raj to dig out those butterbeans... Lx

scrappyjacky said...

Didn't buy much then,Kathy????? Am impressed that you've finished your cards....I don't tend to make tags myself [but it is a thought],but do like making boxes for little pressies.

Craftyrose said...

pick me up off the floor and call me a crafter! What an enormous pile you have Kathy! I think it needs seeing to......Lauren and I will be round in a minute with some medicine!!;0)

My name is Wynneth said...

Great stash that came home with you Kathy :O) I recognise a fair bit of it!!!!! Almost as good a pile as me LOL

xxxtglxxx said...

LOL! I really enjoy reading your blog, it always makes me smile, but this picture made my eyes pop out! :) LOL

Wow. It looks like you had so much fun, and so many fantastic things to play with. Cant wait to see what you create!