Friday, 19 November 2010

TGIF people!

Not that it makes a whole lot of difference to me since I don't work but I do have more people around me at the weekend!

Cold's still hanging around and the night nurse really did it's stuff last night - I woke around 8:15 and thought about getting up ...... then woke again at 9:30!! Ooops. Another oops is that hubby now appears to be coming down with my germs - BUM and he was doing such an excellent job as a nursemaid too! Guess its my turn now! Still got no voice so can't phone anyone for a chat and there's not much point in going out either so I'm still on "house arrest" which would normally have me scurrying to the craft table but I've no energy either so I'm just not crafting - hence there not being much to show you at the moment.

I'm hoping this will change once I wake up properly and have showered and dressed and that I may be back later with a project to display . . . otherwise it will be tomorrow with the sketchie!

Whatever you have planned I hope you'll enjoy your Friday - stay warm and well peeps!
And here is what passes for today's Friday Funny - I got it off Pat, thanks Pat!


Lauren Hatwell said...


Feel better soon (or else!!!)


My name is Wynneth said...

sorry to hear that the germies have stolen your crafty gene :o( sounds like you'll have to dig the nursie uniform out from the back of the wardrobe then (oo er missus!!!) if the lovely Steve has succumbed :O(

Liked today FF too, made me smile - bring on the chocolate, that's what I say!!! :O)

Debs M x said...

love it x

scrappyjacky said...

Love that FF....and hope you're soon feeling much better.

Dora said...

so sorry to hear you are bitten by the bug :| hope you'll be feeling better soon xx