Friday, 26 November 2010

TGIF people!

Here we are again and it's Friday - welcome to the weekend - what'cha got planned? Me? I'm off to meet my pal at the mall this morning. Well Hobbycraft to be more precise. We'll stroll round, maybe buy something (yeah right!) then probably head next door to Tesco's where there's a Costa Coffee inside and we'll sit and chat a while.

I've not seen this particular friend since before her birthday (October 1st) as she went in to hospital to have an operation, we went on vacation, then she was poorly, we came home and then I was poorly and now it's the end of November nearly! No WONDER she said she was bringing my Christmas present with her!

Anyway, that's where I'll be till later today so do feel free to check back and see if there's an update from me later.

Otherwise, have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend and now . . . . for the Friday Funny

WHERE can I get a mirror like this (I got this from Pat again so thanks Pat)!

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jackid said...

If you find one Kathy get me one