Thursday, 11 November 2010

Travelling Thursday

Hi everyone,

I've scheduled this post to appear on Thursday morning, all being well, and I should be landing about the time this appears - again with the "all being well". Certainly, as I type this the outbound flight to Orlando is on schedule so we have no reason to suspect that our departure should have been delayed but there's no accounting for airline delays . . . is there? Fingers crossed for an on-time departure and a smooth flight and, possibly, even a little sleep! Mind you, by the time you've had your first crack at the drinks run and then been served dinner and bearing mind that they wake you at least an hour before landing (for breakfast, etc) there's not going to much of a window of opportunity for much sleep, is there? How I envy those lucky individuals who can get on board and go straight to sleep, waking only as the seatbelts sign goes off! - sadly, I'm not one of them.

Here's the sight we left behind, a gloriously sunny afternoon/evening as we headed home to a rather darker and almost certainly chillier and less sunny England!

Anyhoo, I hope everyone had a great Wednesday and I look forward to catching up with all your comments when I get home and get reconnected to all my cyber pals - missing you already.

Here's hoping my poorly pals continue to improve and this is just to let them know I'm thinking of them.


Debs M x said...

see you soon Kathy x

Cherry said...

Hope the journey was a safe and reasonably comfortable and hassle free one Kathy. Welcome back to Blighty (windy and wet and cold - hooray!). Hugs Cherry XXX

Lauren Hatwell said...

Safe journey Kathy. Lx

Dora said...

Hi Kathy, hope you had a nice trip back home xxx