Friday, 5 November 2010

Welcome to Bonfire Night!

I hope many of you have plans for this evening, by which I mean bonfire parties etc. I hope none of your pets will be too traumatised this evening either.

Nothing of the like planned here as it's not a celebration in the U.S., though we just MAY head up to Disney's boardwalk where we can see their daily fireworks - that'll make us feel like we're "doing bonfire night" - won't be the same without jacket potatoes wrapped in foil though!

Back to yesterday first though - boy did it rain again for some of the day. When it rains here it comes down in buckets! We stayed in for much of the day but ventured out for an hour or so in the early afternoon. When we left there was a little green froggy on our doorstep. We went as far as The Loop and had a look round, DIDN'T go in to the Michaels despite having a small fist full of discount vouchers (what can there possibly be left for me to buy?) but did buy a nice leather handbag which was heavily discounted. We'd not been home long when the heavens opened again and we thought about going out again ............. for all of about a nanosecond and decided to eat in! Our little froggy visitor remained on our doorstep for most of the evening - bless!

Spoken with my friend (and neighbour), Sally about the craft fayre at Lake Eola and have decided not to go - not much room left in that case now, you know! We're going to make the decision about dinner tomorrow depending on how exhausted the shopaholics (Sally, her daughter and usually a couple of friends too) are! We'll go out anyway but it depends on Sally as to whether it's two of us or four!

Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend everyone.

Get well wishes to Jacky who's got an eye problem and who swears she's drowning in eye drops - feel better soon Jacky.

As this is my last Friday here in Florida I should be able to resume my Friday Funny next week, so if you've my e-mail address and any funnies then do please send them to me!


scrappyjacky said...

Thanks for the well wishes, definately on the mend.
Enjoy any fireworks that come your way!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

OMG! Where has the time gone eh? Can't believe you'll be home again by Friday. Lets hope the weather chirps up for your return. What a cute little frogglet. I do love them. They're SO pretty aren't they. Enjoy your fireworks tonight. Ours have been rained off already. Hope yours isn't too.... Get well soon JackyLx