Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Welcome to WOYWDW!!

It's chucking it down outside and hubby has chosen today to head off to Gloucester by train!!! I rose from my sick bed (OK that part's an exaggeration) to take him to the station so he didn't get wet before he started! How noble?!?!?! If the truth be told I am feeling much better today and it was a good reason to make myself get up earlier than of late. It's allowed me to do bucket loads of laundry (though how on earth I expect it to dry in this weather . . . . ), all my filing (which I can never do when hubby's home as he hogs the office (my PC sits all alone in the second bedroom) when he's about - so now all my bank accounts and credit card statements are not only up to date but filed too. There is always such a mound of stuff like that waiting (or should I say LURKING) when we return from Florida.

So now, just before I hit the letter writing (there were five letters from crafting pals too, which made a lovely change from the bills) I thought I would take the opportunity to share the minutiae of my day with you all - that and my photo for WOYWDW.

Having cracked on with my Christmas cards and then, yesterday, I sat (or stood) and made all my gift tags there's not much activity going on there - though it should be said that there should be a bit of TIDYING going on there sometime soon.

I hear that the weather around the country is pretty foul and that many parts of the U.K. have experienced floods and gales and all sorts - what IS going on with our weather? I hope that none of my blog buddies has been affected this way.

I've taken a photograph of what it's like round here. No, we're not underwater; being so high up here if we were flooded it would certainly not bode well for the rest of Bristol! I took the photo through the window so you've got the rain streaks down the window and you can see how windy it's been of late because of the piles of leaves all over the place - (not that I've been out much but) I bet it's very slippery underfoot. So, enjoy your Wednesday and try to stay warm and dry and if you must go out then - do take care.


jackid said...

Hi Kathy so glad you're feeling better, yep it's just the same (weather wise here) but I did manage to steal my camera back from Phil and we had a 10 burst of (I won't say sunshine that would be a lie ) brightness is all I can think of so I took the opportunity to take my pics. I know what you mean about the bills they're never ending and when you go away they seem worse
Jacki xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Bleugh! That does NOT look like nice weather to me. Thankfully its dry here but its FREEZING...brrrrrr....

Love that cute little box. Glad to see you found the tutorial okay. I'm going to try a different one today. Lx

xxxtglxxx said...

Weather is very stormy here in the highlands very cold too! Glad its shared around a bit for a change! LOL.



Spyder said...

rain rain rain rain here too! and a bit chilly, but I've put an extra jumper on! Your desk looks ready for action! Have a happy WOYWW!!