Thursday, 9 December 2010

Afternoon dear reader/s

Hope you are all well.
Sorry I'm a bit late but I was out meeting a crafting buddy this morning - we went to Hobbycraft and I darn near succumbed to their special offer on a Big Shot at £59.99!! but restrained myself until I could do some research so all I spent was £2.99 on some collapsible eye needles! Lilian spent much (MUCH) more than me but hey - I can cope! We strolled next door to Tescos (as is our wont) and spent an hour in Costas drinking tea and the lovely Lilian treated me not to a mince pie but to a gluten free chocolate brownie - it was delicious and sticky - just as they're supposed to be.
Back at home I said to my hubby about the restrictions on my QUICKUTZ (it only takes 4" x 4" dies not a mm bigger!) and how I might try to sell it on e-bay and buy a big shot instead, he didn't seem averse to the idea as he is the one with the e-bay account! So, I spent a few mins on-line and found a new Big Shot for £52.95 with free P&P!!! Yee Haa indeed so quick as a flash I bought a die to go with it that I wouldn't have been able to buy yesterday! Now I just have to hope it will arrive before Christmas - a Grand Calibur would be nice but . . . . and at £94 needed a lot more justification!
Anyhoo, hubby and I have put up the twinkly outside icicle lights this afternoon too AND I've delivered the cards to my neighbours so I'm feeling smugly self righteous here - anyone want to make an offer on a Quickutz Revolution with extra cutting plates and a metal carry case?
I'm going to make a cuppa and hit the newly tidied table of craftiness so feel free to check back later and see how I'm getting on.


Debs M x said...

looking forward to see what you make with your bigshot! x

Katiejane said...

Ooooh I love my Big Shot! I was actually concidering the Big Shot Pro, but like you I need to justify it and right now I just can't! I'm thinking it'll probably come down in price in the next year, so maybe then.
Hope it arrives soon and you get much fun from it!
Btw .........I LOVE Costa!
Katie x

scrappyjacky said...

You'll love it,Kathy....I've used mine so much....and almost any die will go through it. I'm loving die cutting felt at the moment.

Dora said...

Woo hoo well done on buying the Big Shot, that's a lovely Christmas present for you :))