Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dull Thursday

Wotcher peeps,

Bet you almost thought I'd forgotten my blog today didn't you?

I've been waiting for SOMETHING (anything really) to happen. We've had no snow, hubby didn't even have to defrost the car this morning!. I've had no post and I've done no crafting.

So, what exactly HAVE I done with my morning I hear you ask? Well, not a lot if the truth be known. It's one of those chilly mornings when you are a bit slow to start. I have now written 78 Christmas cards to family and friends and I have wrapped all the presents which are complete and ready to give. The reason I know hubby didn't have to defrost the car is because he very kindly took my American Christmas cards and two presents round to the Post Office for me, to get them on their merry way and to hopefully get them to where they're going in plenty of time for Christmas - well I hope so anyway since I'm now £7 lighter for the experience! I've sent my presents recorded delivery as so many things seem to be "going astray" these days. One friend has sent me a number of parcels this year which have simply never arrived. Here's hoping these will.
I may do a little on-line shopping now we've drawn the surrogate Secret Santa. Hubby and I both drew men so I'm stuffed as I had plenty of ideas . . . . for the ladies!

And TONIGHT hubby has acquired two tickets to see the Sound of Music at the Bristol Hippodrome, featuring Connie Fisher. I was supposed to see this in London in January of 2008 but got the flu and a terrible ear infection so sent hubby on his own (leaving me on my own was probably the best thing at the time anyway!) and he enjoyed both the SoM and (on the 2nd night) Chicago! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the snow forecast but not yet materialised can hold off until after we've been otherwise I shall believe myself to be jinxed!

I might do a little crafting this afternoon so you might want to check back later - so my photo today is of a pile of wrapped presents, because there's nothing much else going on but I didn't want you to think I'd been doing nothing! You can just see some of the pile of Christmas cards written too, in the left foreground.

Have a great day whatever you are doing and, if you have snow and/or ice then be careful out there.


scrappyjacky said... have reminded me that I need to get my American bits posted off....though when I'll be able to get to the PO I don't've seen our snow levels!!!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Oh your parcels look soooooo stylish Kathy. You are so organised.

Lauren x

My name is Wynneth said...

And very lovely those gifts look too Kathy, very professional - wish I'd known you were offering a gift wrapping service, could have hopped on Rosie's scooter and brought mine up for you to do LOL

SallyB said...

OOHH Kathy..What lovely wrapped pressies you rotter! I am soo jealous.
All I have bought are a few jigsaw puzzles for little one and a panda necklace for eldest and a CD for hubbie! So much more to do!!!!
Mine will be wrapped in the usual Disney wrap for the kids...Have you made all your cards? I still have 2 craft fairs booked in so I may not send out any cards until they are done.
Still trying to find time to make some more...