Saturday, 4 December 2010

Happy Sketchie Day!

As most of you know Saturday is Sketchie Day over on craftbubble's Craft Mad & Loving It group and today is no exception! This weeks delightful sketch has been presented by one of the regular Design Team (guest slots are every fourth week), Karen (whom I was lucky enough to meet recently in Florida - ah yes, I remember . . . . WARM weather too!!!!). There's no twist this week - she says she forgot but I think she just did this to challenge us further! Anyway, here is the sketch, if you fancy having a go then why not pop over following the earlier link.

It rained last night and I've a sneaking suspicion, based on all the emergency sirens we've heard this morning already, that it MAY just be awfully ICY out there so, if you have snow or ice, please take care out there.

Have a splendid weekend and don't forget to check back on me later to see what, if anything, I've come up with for the sketchie .......... thanks (as always) for stopping by and for leaving me a comment.

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Dora said...

This is a lovely sketch, so much to play around with. You too have a lovely weekend. We're off to Gozo for dinner with some friends. Hope weather stays ok as it turned a bit cloudy and windy too now xx