Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lunar Eclipse!


Anyone see it this morning? Me either! I heard about it on the TV yesterday and a reminder again this morning. First time in 400 years apparently . . . got up - looked out of all my windows but, frankly, it just looked grey with the low level cloud - which, incidentally, makes it look there is LOADS more snow up there to come down. Anyway, at least by being up to look at the moon I was able to enjoy my neighbours light show - it's normally gone off by the time we draw our curtains! So, do take a look at the view from my bedroom windows - these neighbours are no spring chickens and I hope that I am able to get so festive when I'm in my 70's.

No plans to go out today for me though my hubby intends to take a trip to Sainsburys to get some Christmas veg, just in case it doesn't get any better through the week - and the forecast indicates more snow!

I think it might be an idea to keep the curtains drawn, fire lit and maybe watch a nice Christmas movie - I watched "Call me Claus" last night whilst hubby was out at a mince pie model meeting (no, it wasn't model mince pies!!!).

This afternoon we shall be moving furniture in preparation for the surrogates coming to dinner this evening. I havenapkin rings and place cards to keep them all in order and CRACKERS!!! Thai is the theme for the evening and hubby does do a mean Green (or Red) curry! Mmmmmm making me feel hungry.

Have a good day, if you have to travel then do be careful otherwise - stay safe and warm everyone.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Lovely lights though Kathy. Enjoy your dinner with the Surrogates this evening. I can almost taste that curry...slurp!


xxxtglxxx said...

I am still sitting here thinking about mince pie model meetings? :D lol

Nice pic Kathy, and yep - I missed the lunar eclipse too. Its minus 15 here today and thats just ffffreezing!

Have a great christmas, and a wonderful new year



Louise said...

I heard about the lunar eclipse on the radio this morning- I should have got up to see it (well I was up, just not enough time to get ready for the day and sky gaze).
Just to let you know I have taken the plunge into the die cutter world and have just purchased a Cuttlebug from Cutting Edge Crafts- can't wait to get it, but probably next week now I guess. It was your latest purchase which convinced me that i really 'need' one.