Saturday, 18 December 2010

Morning - got snow??

Morning readers,

Some of you may know that hubby and I were heading in to the centre of Bristol last evening, to try a new restaurant. Our mode of transport was . . . .  TRAIN!!! Well, for six whole pounds the two of us were able to do this without having to drive round looking for a parking space, pay for fuel and parking!! BARGAIN. It's a seven minute walk to our local rail station and it turned out to be a little less than 15 minutes at the other end, it would have been quicker but it was snowing heavily as we walked!!! The new restaurant was fab and we enjoyed our evening with our friends, Liz and Graeme, and a great meal was enjoyed by us all - in fact I still feel stuffed!!! If you find yourself in Bristol and in need of a meal then you might like to consider eating here. When we left our friends for the return walk to Temple Meads the snow had stopped and it was positively crunchy underfoot, even the walk uphill back to our place wasn't too bad at all (I'm no mountain goat in slippy conditions!!!) so, imagine our surprise, when we woke to this little lot!!! 

Anyway, Saturday's are sketchie day but I'm a bit early for that so do check back later and see what this week's sketch looks like and what I've done with it!!

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SallyB said...

Hey Kathy...
Sounds like the trains were good for you last night. We have woken up to snow too. Thank goodness it held off so we could finish work and hand out some pressies to the children.
Nigel has been very good and done quite a bit of shopping when he was off yesterday.
I am hoping that I can do some things next week.
I am still making christmas cards! None of my neighbours have had theirs yet !Have a good soonx

Debs M x said...

yes we have, glad you had a nice meal x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Sooooo pretty. Great excuse to stay indoors and craft if you ask me.... Lx

My name is Wynneth said...

Lovely piccies Kathy and so pleased to hear that the weather didn't interfer with your dinner plans :O)