Monday, 6 December 2010

Morning readers and welcome to the start of another week!

And it looks like being a cold one! It's MINUS blooming FOUR here! Thick frost and mist again this morning so we're staying put for a bit longer!

Last evening we headed of to Gloucester for dinner with friends, the journey wasn't too bad and many of the roads we use are gritted. Of course, nothing is ever simple and the motorway junction for our friends was open on the way up and closed on the way home!! Dinner was excellent and Brian had made caraway bread too - now I'm not a big fan of caraway normally but this was delicious and I'm ashamed to say I ate more than I should have. I ran my Christmas present idea past Sandra and she approved so, this morning, I've nipped on-line and finished my Christmas shopping - HURRAH!!!!

For those of you who read my post yesterday you will know that I've made napkin rings for our Christmas holiday guests and today I may just get round to place cards . . . . . or I may not!! If it warms up then our plans are to put up the outdoor Christmas lights so we can be all festive and get ourselves in the mood. My second bedroom still looks like someone threw a grenade in so it WOULD be nice to get all of the dex sited so we can put the debris back in the loft out of the way! It would also be nice if the post would bring my outstanding Christmas gifties so I could wrap them and put them under the tree too - this would leave my bedroom looking much more . . . well, bedroom like!

This is the view from my back window this morning and you can (maybe) see a light mist but you should definitely get the idea it's C O L D out there!!!! brrrr - the roudn things you can see on my patio are the contents of the birds water bowls!!! Hubby has been tipping them out and refilling daily but the ice is simply not melting - looks like the birds have taken up curling or discus throwing!

Stay warm and safe peeps


Debs M said...

ooh looks chilly! x

scrappyjacky said...

It's freezing here as well....I had to de-ice my car at 11am to go out!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Caraway bread sounds great to me. Yum! We've still got lots of ice...bleugh! The back garden is clear though, much to the chickens' delight. They have just turned their beaks up at digestive biscuits though....How very dare they... Lx