Sunday, 26 December 2010

Only 364 days to Christmas!!! (or 363 days 13 hours!!!!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day yesterday and will be enjoying your Boxing Day too.

Our friends arrived around 3 pm yesterday and we had a bottle of something chilled and fizzy on the go when they arrived . . . . but what Sandra really wanted was a cuppa! THEN a glass of something chilled and fizzy! That's my girl. After catching up on the gossip over our cups and glasses we got down to pressie opening - they were delighted with their presents, as we were with ours. I got a fab Radley purse and the joint presents of Ale Vinegar and a bottle of bubbly with a jar of wild hibiscus in syrup and Steve got a lovely soft leather wallet too - we're well happy and I've already moved in to my Radley purse - bet none of you can think what colour it might be? Well, not ACTUALLY purple but definitely a sort of lilac-y colour - smashing, thanks guys.

Hubby was beavering away in the kitchen on the turkey (for three of us) and gammon (for the 4th) and dinner was a triumph and his chestnut log and Brian's Christmas pudding delicious too - mm, how spoiled did Sandra and I feel?!?!?

After dinner (and more glasses!) we hit the Trivial Pursuit where there was a serious battle of the sexes and at one point it looked like the boys might trounce the girls but we ended up both completing the game and it was just the luck of the final question that gave the game to the boys - we'll get them back next year!!!

After a hearty breakfast (for the boys, we girls had cereal) they headed off in to the sunset (!) after a brief delay to defrost the car as it was minus 10° overnight!

So, now the dishwasher's on its third run and the linen from the guest room is in the wash so I'm just on-line to catch up with you all.

Here's hoping that you all had a wonderful Christmas and will enjoy a perfectly splendid Boxing Day too and that Santa was very kind to you - as he certainly was to me, I had some LOVELY presents - some crafting and some not but all deeply appreciated.

Have a great day folks, catch you tomorrow.

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Lauren Hatwell said...

Well it sounds to me like a fun time was had by all and your friends certainly look very contended. I hope you enjoy a restful Boxing Day. Lx