Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hi peeps - good day?

Set the alarm for 08:00 this morning - blimey - it felt like the middle of the night, can't remember the last time we set an alarm!! How lucky are we?

Still, I was meeting my pal, Andrea, for coffee and a catch up this morning and didn't want to be late. We catch up every few weeks but it seems longer between meets because Andrea's mum and MIL have both been poorly since Christmas - if you're reading this Andrea, tell them I'm thinking of them. We usually meet about 10:00, for coffee and a chat (and sometimes . . . . cake!) before doing our shopping - it used to be quite a leisurely morning but Sainsbury's have now introduced a parking limit so we have to factor in shopping time too, which has curtailed the chat time a bit! This morning was no exception and, if I'm honest, the maple pecan Danish was delicious but decadent!!! We chat about all sorts from friends from our school days to holidays to the best way to clean stainless steel (?!) - of course we all KNOW that the best way to clean stainless steal is to have someone else do it but . . . . . It was so nice to just sit and chill for an hour and I nipped in to QS afterwards and snagged a piece of cheap knitwear - Love one season fashions for about a tenner and I love that mostly they soooo do not crease either as another domestic chore I hate is ironing!

Anyway, I managed to miss the rain whilst I was out and was sat here muttering about how lucky I was not to have to go out again as it's raining cats and dogs when I realised that I had taken my post on the scenic tour to Sainsbury's and then brought it home again - DOH!! So now I DO have to go out - that'll teach me!

Dinners in the oven, a nice slow roasted chicken casserole - half of which will be frozen for another time - and I'll do dumplings in a bit. Hubby's written this in the diary as I so seldom cook these days. He actively enjoys cooking and I actively ... let him!

So now it's 2:30 and I've done no crafting at all today. I had made up my mind to make a card for the Bah Humbug blogs challenge which, this challenge, is to feature doilies but . . . do you think I can find my doilies? That'll be a no then. They simply cannot have gone far and will undoubtedly come to light in THE most sensible place but will they come to light in the duration of this challenge???

I think I've taken up enough of your time but do please feel free to leave me a comment as I do so love to read them . . . .


Dora said...

Lucky you not having to wake up by an alarm clock he he :) Hope you found your doilies now. Hugs xxx

My name is Wynneth said...

So pleased to hear that you had a nice meeting with Andrea, shame about the well travelled mail though :O( Hope you found some crafting time this afternoon and that we shall soon be seeing the fruits of your crafting labours !

T'internet and particularly Blogger has been badly misbehaving today and I've wasted a great deal of the day trying to get some commenting done.

Only 3 more sleeps til the Craftathon now - huzzah!!!!!

Cherry said...

Hope the doilies have turned up Kathy. You sound as if you had a lovely time catching up with your friend this morning and got a bargain too. Only three more sleeps till Craftathon. Is your ETA still 12.15? I am working with this time at the moment. Hugs Cherry XXx