Sunday, 6 February 2011

Morning and welcome to Sunday morning

Here we are again a lovely lazy Sunday morning - well it IS Sunday and it IS morning!! Superbowl on the TV tonight . . . . all being well, with the snow in Dallas! I hear that the psychic manatees (Buffet and Hugh) have made their selections to win - strangely enough Buffet's picked the Packers and you won't guess that Hugh didn't!! Hmm - think that's called covering your bases. Don't get me wrong - I'm soooo not a follower of American football but my hubby is and has already set up to record the predicted time window - how can a 90 minute game take over three hours?

I'm not sure I can allow myself to craft today as I have looked at my box of "stock" cards and found it to be full to the point of overflowing so I think I shall be writing cards this morning to make some space! Make sense? Well it does in my head! What does everyone else do with their finished works of art? Maybe I culd just make a little ATC - they don't take up much space . . . do they?

Seeing friends for dinner later which will be very nice. What do you all have planned for today? I hope you enjoy your Sunday however you spend it - catch you tomorrow . . . . interesting to see who DOES win the Superbowl IF it goes ahead . . .


Judie aka Craftymess said...

morning Kathy, im crafting, I have some many challenges from craftymess forum to complete lol you could have a go at the inchy one they dont take up much room lol

Judie xx

scrappyjacky said...

I've got rather a large box of cards as well....which is why I haven't made too many this year. You could always scrapbook instead.

jackid said...

I knowm what you mean about about american footie Kathy it's the same in base ball Phil loves to watch that I said it was glorified rounders and he went off his head lol and for their footie it's just like our rugby to me only last 3 x longer lol any way see you later
Jacki xx

Katie-Louise Oakley said...

My stock pile is growing, but not big enough yet lol Off to the Bingo later, hoping for a win as iv not been in a while! :) Theres an award waiting for you on my blog xx

Katiejane said...

I've just been for a meal with friends too....happy days ;) It's Sascha's birthday so we've had a nice chilled out day.
Did you manage an ATC? I can just imagine how many cards you must have! I have started to slowly get rid of some and also sell some at Ben's school. I always give them to the school to sell for charity too. Keeps them happy and gives me room to make more :)
Hope you are well.
Katie x