Monday, 21 February 2011

Morning readers and welcome to the start of another week!


I hope you all slept well. I have to say that I slept much better last night - back in my own bed - than the previous two nights away at Craftathon 2011. Of course, that might have been the excitement of being away from home with like minded crafters and able to"craft at will"!!!!

Either way, I have woken up refreshed and ready to roll again . . . thought I would post some piccies this morning too. The lovely Wynneth made us all little badges which the ladies at Carol's Crafts and Dawn Bibby's  Design Studio all found entertaining and we all found to be a really nice gesture. One fellow workshop attendee thought they were our craft club logo . . .  and I guess it is, so take a looksee . . .

Either way, thanks so much for making them Wynneth, they're lovely.

Before I went I posted photos of some things I no longer had a need for and Debs bagsed one item and swapped the die below along with a duplicate pro marker (mulberry) for it - thanks very much Debs but I'm thinking I got the best deal.

And then, of course, there was ................... THE SHOPPING!! We all discovered that, big though it was, Cherry's estate car had arrived in Accrington loaded to the gunwales so in an attempt to use minimum space we ditched all the excess packaging practical, prior to our return home. A quick chat to Phillip revealed the extent of their recycling and we split it in to piles of: real rubbish, plastic, card/paper and left it with them - thanks peeps, it helped I'm sure . . . . though Cherry's car did get up that slope a tad more slowly than when we arrived!!! Here's my stash:

Although they look blue in the photograph, trust me, those scissors are PURPLE!! as are the card candy, the gemstones and the mica paint pot and two of the pro markers! The distress ink is pumice stone and the tape is Tim Holtz tissue tape. The embossing folder is of a tree that we saw Dawn Bibby use to demonstrate some fab techniques with - just hope I can remember them ... the eagle eyed amongst you will spot what I should LIKE to call my deliberate error in that my tinnie of Dark Room Door stamps is upside down - I'd like to point out that it was deliberate and in honour of Rachel Grieg being Australian . . . . but, actually, it was indeed just a simple mistake!!!! Rachel says she plans to put photos of our finished project on to her blog when she returns home at the weekend so you might want to check it out sometime soon after then.... here

And for those of you who thought we might have been all crafted out . . . . we made good time on the journey southwards and the lovely Cherry decided we had enough time to take in a trip to Webb's of Wychbold and inside there they have ...... a Hobbycraft!!! Well, it wasn't as good as the two shops previously visited but hey - I STILL managed to buy a set of clear sentiment stamps by Papermania and some clear gesso! - so I was even more happy!
Do check back later to see if I've made anything with any of the above but, whether you can or can't join me later, have a fab Monday.


Debs M x said...

can't wait to see what you come up with for those stamps! x

Kobie's Crafty Corner said...

Sounds Like you had a fab time! Enjoy your new stash an waiting to see what appears!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Morning Your Purpleness. So glad to see you all had a FABULOUS time (as, of course, I knew you would). Your badges are marvellous. Well done Wynneth...she's a little star, she is... That WOULD make a great club emblem wouldn't it. An excellent haul of new toys there. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. Lx

scrappyjacky said...

Those stamps look great,Kathy.

jackid said...

Hi K athy so glad you had a great time and by the looks of what you brought back you have plenty to entertain yourself for a while as Deb said can't wait to see what you make with it all
Jacki xx

Brenda Brown said...

It's always better being back in your own bed, but sleeping better could be there was less alcohol once you were home hehehe.
Love the emblem and I am looking forward to seeing new creations with the new stash.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Katiejane said...

Sooooooo totally jealous! Wynneth did a fab job with those name tags!
I can't wait to scroll down and see the pics!
Katie x

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, it sounds like you had an awesome time--how exciting!!!
Thanks so much for coming to visit my magazine blog!!!

My name is Wynneth said...

Nice to see you settled back home and blogging away to entertain us all again Kathy. I enjoyed making the badges, bought the stamp specially for them when I saw it. Maybe we could adopt the image as our club logo, perhaps I could make a personalised badge for each week's sketchie/themed challenge winner? just a thought !!

Alexeya said...

I just don't think anything else would do for an emblem! Lovely haul there Kathy, to be put to good use very soon I'm sure. I'm coming to the next one come hell or high water!! Nx

Cherry said...

Glad you are safely home and thanks soooo much for the lovely weekend. Can't wait to see what you do with the new purchases. Great idea about the logo and badge. Hugs C xxxx