Monday, 14 March 2011

Morning readers and welcome to the start of another week

Morning, not sure what sort of weather you have where you are but we woke up to a sharp frost this morning!! So glad I no longer have to dash from the house at the crack of stupid O'Clock, defrost the car and hightail it to work - there's a lot to be said for this retirement lark! You will no doubt be pleased to hear that, by 10:00 it had warmed up to 10° and still a lovely sunny looking day - still not really "drying" weather so I've given up and have the tumble dryer working hard!

Not exactly a busy week "planned" ahead of us but things can change at the drop of a hat in the "purple palace". Tomorrow sees one or both of us heading back up to Gloucester to wait in for the gas man (or gas woman as it was last week), Thursday sees car servicing and Friday will see me meeting a pal for coffee and/or lunch!

I do still have a birthday card to make, for a close friend, it's been on my list for a week or two but I've had no inspiration just yet - good job I started early! Oh and an apertures Christmas card to make too . . . hope I get some crafting done today then.

We had a fun weekend with friends who stayed over and, unfortunately, the down side of this now means laundry!!! I managed to get it all washed yesterday but it went off too cold to dry yesterday! AND we had to have a frantic clear up of the spare room, which is where my computer/office is . . . you know what it's like - everything gets piled in to another room. This room is where I normally hang laundry that staunchly refuses to dry - see my dilemma? I can't move back in to my "office" properly until the bed's made up and I can't do that till I can get the bedlinen dry which I can't do because of the stuff from the second bedroom!!! I know, I know, the answer is that we need to declutter as we plainly have too much stuff for the size of house! But what to throw away . . . . you just know I'll want it again within days of disposal and so, it looks like that's how I'll be spending Monday, chasing my tail and trying to squeeze the proverbial quart in to a pint pot! Wish me luck.

I also have some letters to do and some ATC's to return to swapping pen pals - so that will probably be my day taken care of, today! What's on your agenda? Do share . . . .

I can't believe that my vacation is coming around so soon either . . . so there are things I need to do for that - like making sure all the occasion cards needed whilst I am away are made, written and arrangements for posting in my absence made - which usually means handing to surrogate daughter and S-I-L with posting dates - she'll probably never know how much I appreciate that, although I do tell her - she simply laughs it off. Mind you, the other choice is to send them all as we leave . . . tricky since we're not taking one of those real short vacations! Oh and then there's the packing preparation - we normally lay out things we want to take . . . . on the spare bed (see above!) so you can see how much I REALLY need to get that laundry done now ..... can't you? I suppose I should head off and DO IT instead of writing about it then - BBL


scrappyjacky said...

And now I'm totally confused!!!!!

Debs M said...

good luck with it all Kathy x