Saturday, 5 March 2011

Woo hoo and welcome to Saturday

which, I'm sure you all know, is SKETCHIE day .................. but I'm in Gloucester, wearing my fingers to the bone ... cleaning. I cannot tell you how much I would rather be crafting but sometimes things have to be done!

My good friend, Naomi, popped in last evening, with her seven month old puppy (Mally) who's a bit of a sweetie. We shared a cup of tea and then took Mally for a short walk in a local field. My pal, Naomi, has recently moved MUCH closer to my local Indian restaurant and I look forward to meeting her there in the near future - oh, those butter beans!! (my regular readers will know how much I LOVE butter beans!)

Tonight? Spanish tapas in Thornbury I believe - just waiting to hear from my pal, Veronica, as to what time we're booked.

Who knows? I MAY even find time to squeeze in a sketchie - but not holding my breath with the day we have planned - thanks for your patience - hope you'll check back tomorrow and see what's happened.

Have a FAB Saturday and a great weekend peeps


jackid said...

enjoy the tapas tonight Kathy have a great weekend
Jacki xx

scrappyjacky said...

Hope that cleaning isn't too tiring,Kathy!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

We will indeed check back tomorrow Kathy. Hope your cleaning goes well. Has Naomi got room for a lodger....? New puppy AND being near the lovely Raj's famous BBC just sounds too good to resist.

Enjoy Tapas this evening, which ALSO sounds very nice indeedy.


Brenda Brown said...

Have fun tonight.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Sharon said...

Hope you had a great night Kathy, and that your fingers aren't too worn out!
I've popped over to put you out of your misery.....those word stamps I've been using this week are from Clarity Stamps. Definitely worth the money because they look so beautiful when made into cards and I'll be using them a lot this year (think I've put the last one on my blog for a while though).
Sharon xx