Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Hi there everyone,

Well the gas WOMAN came at 4:45 and stayed all of about ten minutes. When we called them out we told them it was the timer that was broken and even gave them the model number but, apparently, they will not order spares on customers own diagnosis so she turned up - touched nothing - ordered the part we told her she needed and we'll have to do it all again NEXT Tuesday, though she was proud to offer us a two hour call window instead of the six hours today! Hmmmmm - YET another 70 mile round trip, perhaps I'll get lunch out of it next week though. I got dinner this evening - Dominoes two for Tuesday pizza! Very healthy, but I just can't help myself I DO love pizza.

Right - What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday again and my work desk seldom changes so I simply haven't bothered this week - you'll all be getting bored with it anyway. I didn't get the chance to do any crafting at all yesterday, with being in Gloucester, so there doesn't seem to be much actually out on my desk TO photograph!

Over on the Simplicity blog it's challenge #44 for OLW (One Layer Wednesday) and this time Susan wants you to take your inspiration from Martas Pinterest boards! I'm not familiar with these and there's a bewildering choice there so I'm suffering badly with . . . . . indecision! Should I go with some of the wonderful purple colours who's subjects don't perhaps inspire me or should I go with an image that does - regardless of colour scheme!! Thank heavens I have a week to make this decision in!

It's also the turn of Rosie to set the Christmas card recipe over on Craft Mad & Loving It but that will be this evening as Rosie works during the day.

I got confused this morning when I turned on the TV and, whilst channel hopping, discovered a craft show on QVC . . .  there's a kanban TSV (Todays Special Value) so quite a number of craft shows on through the day . . . .  not bought anything so far though part of me was tempted by the 108 square cards because they were 300gsm ................... until I worked out they were almost 20p and I bought 6" square scalloped cards (again 300gsm) for less than 8p each at the craft show at Westpoint earlier this year.

I made this trading card on Monday evening whilst hubby was out but didn't get the chance to photograph it at the time - the light was bad by the time it got finished!

Materials used:
  • ATC blank
  • Green patterned card (a piece of a freebie calendar)
  • Hero Arts sentiment inked in Ranger Archival jet black
  • Double sided tape to which gilding flakes were applied
  • Double sided adhesive "flourish" to which emerald glitter was applied
  • Emerald faux gemstones to finish

Hope you like it - wish me luck with some more crafting today and do check back tomorrow to see what else I've come up with.


Katiejane said...

I do like a nice pizza! I really need to go to Italy and try an authentic one!
Sounds like the Gas woman is stressing you out, how annoying, she should have just took your word for it!
Lovely ATC, love the border.
Katie :)

jackid said...

Hi Kathy don't you just love the rules these companies have it amazes me how many jobs worths there are out there lol enough to pull your hair out but they look at it like well you have all day don't they realise we have better things to do like craft lol anyway hope it all works out and gets sorted not much of a pizza person myself haven't had one for ages well since we were on holiday they were nice good luck with your simplicity card hope you decide what you want to do soon I'm still unsure of the c&s cards as you can prob tell from my makes but I do like them it's just knowing when to stop isn't it anyway have a great day take care
Jacki xx

scrappyjacky said...

Well honestly you really think you are capable of knowing if a timer is broken or not!!!!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Fab swirl. Glad to hear the gas lady arrived eventually and you have been released back into the wild. Lx