Friday, 8 April 2011

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Well, Liz and I headed off to the Gaylord Palms this very morning where there was a Scrap Booking and Rubber Stamping Expo (talk about timing huh?). I got to drive (and park) the SUV (Dodge Nitro) for the first time today as Steve needed to wait in for the glazier!! The Gaylord Palms is HUGE and pretty lovely on it's own but we were way down at the back in the convention centre (also HUGE!). Considering we were there on a weekday and within 15 minutes of it opening it was pretty busy and you had to be fairly determined to want to buy something! I ended up only buying some truly fab stamps from Sparkle n'Sprinkle - we also met Margaret and George. I did nip to the Close to the Heart stand twice in the hope of picking up a very small value item but the line was so long I figured I could live without it!!! Now my pal, Liz, is NOT really a crafter but I sense I may be making headway as she bought lunch bags and ribbon yesterday and stamps and stencils this morning - YAY!! ANOTHER CONVERT

So . . .  here's what I bought:

See how great the brolly and wellies are! Could have done with this set for the recent Drip Drip Drip, little April Showers challenge!!! Ho Hum

Back to the house and the glaziers had been and gone - thank heavens - so we donned cossies and practised our Shamu moves for a while before lounging in the sun with book/paper/puzzles respectively. Since we didn't have any lunch we are off for a well early dinner at the wondrous Mannies (well worth a visit but GO EARLY!) and if we're still up for it we might nip across to Disney afterwards - to watch the fireworks!

Have a great evening peeps.

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