Tuesday, 12 April 2011

3rd post - more vacation pictures! Do check out my previous posts of the day - if you've time!


me again! I posted yesterday that we were planning to hit the Schooner Bar at the Gaylord Palms but when we arrived it was cordoned off for a private function so we had to go to Plan B. Someone asked what that was so . . . . .

Young Gators at the Gaylord Palms

The schooner bar at the Gaylord Palms - closed to us for the night!

Plan B!!!
Well, we obviously had to show Liz round the Gaylord Palms whilst we were there and the gators looked like the might have been pleased to see us . . .  or not! After we left the G.P. we headed toward home and the large hotel nestling amid a large golf course, about a mile or so from home. The Omni is also a pretty nice hotel and we stayed for a cocktail or two - since we'd psyched ourselves up for cocktails!

This morning, whilst checking the mail box I found this little chap at the base of the neighbours tree

And these guys (Sandhill cranes) playing with the cows to the rear . . .

We left them to it and headed to Clearwater, where we enjoyed coconut shrimp at the Palm Pavilion beach bar before walking down the beach as far as the pier, looking for pelicans - they seem to have been a little shy today and were attempting to hide behind the pier!!
Lunch at the Palm Pavilion! - it's iced coffee . . . honest!


Once back home it was time for some chunky dunking in the pool as we'd been sooooooooooooo hot during our walk from the pier  back to the car - it must have been around 90c today!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed your virtual vacation with us . . . check back tomorrow as we're off to the mall!!!

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Lauren Hatwell said...

Shame about the GP but Plan B looks pretty good too, I must confess. Awww...Pelicans! Takes me back. Ooooh, Coconut Shrimp...slurp! Looks like a fantabulous day. Lx