Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hi and welcome to Saturday!

Hi there,

Welcome to my new follower Arvy Arvy - hope you too will something to cause you to return and thanks for stopping by.

Yesterday at Mannys (I spelt it incorrectly yesterday - ooops) was fantabulous - their salads are out of this world. We went early and were still not in the first 20 through the door!!! The line was all the way round the back of the building and well before opening time - this place is really (REALLY) popular! The steak was delicious too, we called in at home after we'd eaten, to cover ourselves in bug repellent before heading up to Disney's boardwalk and snagging ourselves a bench (and a beer) to watch the 9pm firework display! FABeroony. Busy day all round and we slept pretty well!

Saturdays are sketchie days and Simply Less Is More days and today is no exception . . . . so do check back later to see what the challenges are this week.

Have a great Saturday, we're dining with neighbours this evening - Mexican I think this time!

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scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a fabby day,Kathy.