Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hi there readers

Hello everyone,

How's your day going? For me it's just starting as it's just after 07:30 but for everyone in the UK it will be a little after 12:30 and I hope your day is going well. How's the weather with you? Today looks like being a good one for us.

Yesterday, hubby and I set off to find Sparkle 'n Sprinkle, located in Ruskin which is approximately 73 miles from where we are. It took a little over an hour to get there and was really easy to find although we almost missed it as the storefront is quite small. Once inside I realised that Margaret hadn't exaggerated when she told me (at the recent expo) that her store was small - but boy, was it packed chock full of yumminess. She had a lovely display of glitters and embossing powders as well as most of her stamp sets. On her class table were a couple of catalogues (at 200 pages that took some going through) for me to order individual stamps from any of the sets, which I waded through and placed my order . . . . . and which Maria then made for me whilst I waited (and watched). By this time, hubby was back out in the car listening to his hair grow - though I think he might have appreciated watching the stamps being made . . . . Margaret and I chatted whilst this was going on and she told me that she had been in the stamp making business for thirteen years and that, even during this recession, business is good - which is fab news for aficionado's - check out her web site here, if you aren't familiar.

Me, and all those gorgeous glitters and embossing powders!

Maria  makes my order!

Stamps happen HERE!

Margaret, the owner of Sparkle 'n Sprinkle
Following my visit to Ruskin we moved on, with me clutching my bag of goodies . . .  heading up the coast road back toward Tampa before hitting the 60 where we turned east and hit the Brandon Town Centre Mall where I found some cruise wear in Sears and some smellies in the Bath and Body Works and had a fab chat with an extremely helpful soul who greatly assisted in the choice of my new summer fragrance!

So, once home again it was time to sit out on the pool deck for an hour or so till the sun set as it was such a lovely evening. There was thunder rumbling away in the background but no lightning and no rain!

Today? Well, today sees us catching up with neighbours for the first time, we're planning a late lunch at Abuelos at the Loop - will take my camera with me as we've not been there before!

Happy Wednesday everyone.


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a wonderful day,Kathy....and money well spent!!

clare said...

wow! kathy this looks fabulous! you lucky thing. x

My name is Wynneth said...

Looks and sounds like you had the perfect day ! I'm a little envious, but not too much as I paid a visit to the biggest stamp store in Vegas - quite an experience I can tell you !!!

Dolly Daydreams said...

I can't believe that you g=can get stamps made while you wait !!!!!!!!! Here in Greece i can't even find any to buy !!! SOunds like your having fun.


mustavcoffee said...

Hi Kathy, well that looks like so much fun, all the pretty colours and just fancy having your stamps made for you, fantastic:0) xxx

Katiejane said...

Wow! Brill pic, all that sparkle in one room *sigh*
What a great time you are having hey?