Thursday, 14 April 2011

I can't believe it's my pals final day here in Florida

Hi Folks,

My pal has been with us now for ten days and her flight home is around 7pm tonight so today she will be packing and taking her last dip in the pool. I'm hoping she's enjoyed her break here in the Sunshine State and she certainly seems to have been enjoying the food - when asked to pick her favourite restaurant (so we could return for her last night's dinner) there was a distinct look of the "rabbit in the headlights" as she hovered between all of them! We eventually dragged the Red Lobster from her!, so that's where we ate last evening - you could say that seafood is good for you . . .  but perhaps not in such large portions! Still, the cocktails were like the dessert we couldn't manage!!

We also hit the Florida mall where we were able to find some lovely tops and a waterfall waistcoat as Liz' birthday giftie - which is now wrapped and in her case (hopefully!) and some accompanying jewellery - and in almost record time too which left us with enough time to hit Downtown Disney and the Christmas shop where Liz bought a 2011 bauble to serve as a reminder of her time here. Me? I succumbed to a Mickey Mouse bag charm!! What is it they say? . . . . growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional!!!!

Not a single photo taken yesterday (what the heck happened?) so here's a sunset shot taken from the parking lot of the Gaylord Palms the night before - enjoy.

Have a lovely Thursday everyone and I hope the weather has brightened up for you in the U.K. once more


jackid said...

such a shame she's coming home and stopping longer with you but it sounds as though you have had a great time enjoy the rest of your stay
Jacki xx

KellyS said...

I'm sure you've had a lovely time with your pal's visit. Thanks for sharing it with us. Crafting with a pal is always more fun!

SallyB said...

Hi kathy...It sounds like you were the perfect host and she had a wonderful time and her birthday pressie sounds lovely!
We have been sorting out our clothes. I'm looking forward to the Mall and to Michaels.

Lauren Hatwell said...

...don't forget Joann's Sally. It's an absolute MUST...

Poor Liz. I know I had a wonderful time last year Kathy. The time just flies by. Just goes to show what fun you were having. Lx

Lauren Hatwell said...

What the heck am I talking about? I mean Violette's.... I can only blame the second glass of Californian Red...I do apologise... LOL