Friday, 1 April 2011

The weekend starts here!!!

Hi folks,

BOY can it rain in Florida! It's a rhetorical question because, truthfully, it hasn't stopped since we arrived yesterday! In fact the pool truly needs draining by about 4"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dull old day yesterday because of this storm - we had a tornado watch in effect all morning and one really did touch down in the Tampa area during the morning! Shopping seemed like the best (and only) idea! I had a 50% off one item voucher and a 25% off entire purchase voucher - for the mighty Michael's! Needless to say that I made the most of these vouchers . . . . .

with my EK success punch and two sets of stamps and change from fifteen pounds - I LOVE this place!

Also nipped round to see our neighbour, Sally, yesterday morning (whilst it was only raining . . .  a bit!) and discussed where we'll go for dinner on Saturday and admired her fab Christmas presents - a lappy AND an art easel and supplies - I'll convert her to a craftaholic if it kills me!!

Got up this morning and it appears to have FINALLY stopped coming down in stair rods (for those of you young enough NOT to know about stair rods ......... ask your mums!). I'm hopeful that it might be a much nicer day today!!! No plans other than a steak for dinner - a nice big fat American steak!!! Yee Haa!

And today's Friday Funny comes courtesy of my pal, Pat, once more I thank you Pat!!! It does show how we've all come to rely on our computer though!!!!

Have a great Friday everyone and a fab weekend.


Cherry said...

Gales here too Kathy but more usual - lol. No shopping though so I am deeply jealous of course. Those stamps look wonderfully useful. Happy crafting and steaking! Hugs Cherry XxX

Katiejane said...

Stair rods??? Steak sounds YUM, enjoy!

Hope it stops raining soon :) Have a great time in Florida, you jet setter you!

Katie x

Lauren Hatwell said...

LOL...great Friday Funny Kathy. Great stash too. Can't wait to see them in action. Lx

Debs M said...

ooh enjoy your steak! fab stash too x

Dora said...

Hey Kathy, those goodies seem so lovely .. and wow at that price.. I'm so envious he he xxx Have fun

Craftilicious said...

Oh now I'm jealous - I keep reading about Michaels in all the US girls' blogs - I hate travelling but just the thought of all those US craft stores makes me want to go and jump on a plane! Congrats on the LIM win - more shopping vouchers - yeah go you! You deserve it with your commenting marathon :-)

Erica said...

Hey Kathy, CONGRATS on the LIM win. You deserve it, commenting on almost every card entry. You even answered a question I had that was unrelated to cards. Way to Go.
Cyber Hugs

Emma said...

Hope you have a wonderful time in Florida and *fingers crossed* it stops raining, soon!!
Congratulations on the LIM win...have a great weekend.
Hugs Emma x

Hunters Moon said...

Hope it dries out soon for you. Ooooo very nice additions to the stash there :0)

Have a fab time


Babs said...

Congratulation Kathy on your win well done you...
Babs x

Shirley-anne said...

Well done Kathy . Wonder if your fingers are just stubs ??
Browsed your blog and love your journaling as well as your creations . Now following thanks for sharing a little bit of 'you' as well .