Monday, 9 May 2011

Afternoon and here we are at Monday again

Where did this morning go?

Hubby and I slept in till gone nine this morning but I'm hoping this means the end of the jetlag!! HURRAH! Turned on the TV before we realised we'd missed all of the morning news programmes - oopsie. At 09:30 this morning the best programming available was . . . . QVC, hubby got up - in disgust! It's a craft day today and the TSV is pretty neat - Marvy le Plume alcohol based pens at £1.11 (inc P&P) each!! Woo Hoo - a set of 20 which you can have on auto repeat which means that, in 60 days you will receive 20 more and yes, they will be different colours. How could I resist? I LOVE my Pro Markers but I also like the brush tips of copics and prefer copics for skin tones . . . . these pens have brush tips and skin tones in the set AND are cheaper than copics - I'm sold, can't wait for them to arrive! I also succumbed to the kanban cardstock (300gsm) which is dense and smooth and (ALLEGEDLY) will not bleed when using with alcohol markers - at 2.6p per A4 sheet I figured I'd give it a chance - will let you all know if it's a worthwhile buy! It's on advance order only (they sold out real quick!) so it might be a while.

Of course, after that plug maybe I should contact them with a view to ..... commission!!! Whaddya reckon?

Today I have PROMISED myself that I will A) clear up my craft area so I can see what the heck I'm doing. I'm crafting in about an A5 space!!! and B) finish making the inserts for the cards I made in Florida and get them "filed" before getting on with any more - wish me luck!

I still have the BAH Humbug "Recycling OR Green" challenge and the CMLI "Use freebies" challenge to enter but I have sworn to do A) and B) first . . . . of course, if I've QVC on in the background who knows WHAT might happen later!

It's a beautiful day here and hubby has promised himself a trip to the field with his model planes so I shall be able to craft - guilt free!!!

Also want to wish my good friend, Lauren (aka BlueBertie) the happiest of birthdays - thank heavens I happen to know that many cards (including my own) arrived by this morning as she was in hand made card heaven when I spoke to her earlier! Have a fab day, matey - and don't forget to check your diary!!!

Other than saying - do check back later to see if I made any headway - have a FAB Monday and enjoy the weather!


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like you got some real bargains there,Kathy......and good luck with the sorting out.

Pauline said...

Ha ha QVC, my hubby has banned me from that channel lol!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Thank you most kindly Purple Pal. I've had a lovely, lovely day and thanks so much for my card and gifties. I feel so spoilt. Lx