Thursday, 5 May 2011

Short (ish) post from jetlagged of Bristol here!

Hi there,

Welcome to new follower, Valerie, I hope you find a reason to pop back again - nice to see you anyway.

Made it back home to the U.K. in pretty good time too - must've had the wind behind us!. We managed to meet up with Phil and Lucy at Orlando airport as they arrived shortly before we were due to depart! We sat in the airport food court and had a chat over coffee and a doughnut! Flight was pretty smooth although I did only get one hours sleep - got blooming chatting to the couple in the row behind - they have a place less than a mile from ours and will be there when we are next there too so we've made a provisional arrangement to meet!

Our bags were already going round on the luggage carousel too!!!

All of which combined to ensure that we arrived at Reading station on our homeward journey two whole hours before our time specific ticket would allow us to travel! Upon checking if we could change our tickets in order to catch the next train (which was only about 15 minutes after we arrived and would have got us back to Bristol at 10:41) we were told that it would cost us £48 each!! So we sat and enjoyed the World's most leisurely coffee and tried to stay awake!

Back at Bristol and a short walk, albeit all uphill, home - kettle on for a cuppa and then set the alarm for a couple of hours later and it was "nap-sville" for us!

Have now surfaced but not sure for how long as I don't normally "do" well on less than eight hours and I've notched up ................... THREE!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

When I next surface I have the marathon task of finding a home for all my craft purchases - oopsie! And I NEED to get a couple of birthday cards and a present in the post - tomorrow, without fail

Later peeps, or maybe tomorrow! Hope you Thursday's going great!


scrappyjacky said...

Hope you soon catch up the time,Kathy.

Cherry said...

Welcome home glad you are safe and sound. Happy zzzzzzzzz. Catch you tomorrow when you are finding new homes for your lovely stash. Hugs Cherry XXXX

My name is Wynneth said...

Welcome home :O) soooo pleased to hear that your journey was smooth. You may well have succumbed to the jet lag again by the time I'm writing this (yes, almost 7.15pm and I'm STILL at work - humph !!) Your list of Followers is growing apace young kathy - congrats :O)

Katiejane said...

Glad you got home safely Kathy! Good luck finding homes for all that stash!

Dolly Daydreams said...

Welcome back it has been great hearing about your travels sounds like you had a wonderful time.


SallyB said...

Hi Kathy...
So pleased you got back OK...
We enjoyed your updates/escapades and photos from Florida. We are getting the suitcases out of the loft tomorrow!
Enjoy some sleep now.

Lauren Hatwell said...

Dear Jetlagged of Bristol. Good to have you back. Crabby of Cranston Park x

Debs M said...

nice to have you back, hope you manage to get some z's x