Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Welcome to Tuesday

Morning peeps,

Want to clear up some confusion, a lovely lady left me a comment recently saying she was confused as to whether I live in the U.S or the U.K. ......... I live in the U.K. but most of my vacation time is spent in the U.S.

On another note, and this is VERY sad news . . . . found out that one of my fave (if not THE fave) mail order stores is closing. ADDICTED TO RUBBER STAMPS is closing it's doors because of health issues. If you've ever used them then you will know what a fab place to shop this has been. They are currently offering 30% off everything so, if you plan to be in the U.S. soon - PLACE YOUR ORDER (once they're gone they're gone!), of course they DO ship but the postage will be much greater. I'm so sorry to see them go though as I've been shopping with them for years (and years). I hope that the sale of the business will allow the owner to concentrate on his health.

Anyway, Tuesday again - they come round so fast, it's almost a week since we came home to the U.K. and finally, my sleep patterns seem back to normal. Some trips it's worse than others and our record is two weeks - but we were weak willed on that occasion and gave in, got up and made tea and toast too often at stupid O'Clock!!! so THAT'LL be why it took quite that long!

Yesterday, I FINALLY managed to finish the inserts on all the cards I made in Florida - hoorah. Why is it so much harder to make the inserts weeks after you make the card than it is to make them at the time? I didn't have access to the insert paper (and wasn't going to buy any - more to store!) so had to wait till I got back. I love that I can craft when I'm on vacation as I would really miss it otherwise. I did NOT however, get to clear up my work space - BAD Purple Princess!! I guess this means I have to try again for today, before I can do the Recycling card for Bah Humbug or the Use Freebies project for Craft Mad & Loving It but I feel an urge to craft . . . . and, no, my purchases from the QVC Craft Day did NOT arrive this morning!!! BUM.

I succumbed to two purchases on QVC yesterday, the auto delivery of the Marvy le Plume Ultra Soft alcohol pens and the kanban 300gsm (designed NOT to bleed when used with alcohol markers - allegedly) white card. Can't wait ....................

I also succumbed to e-mailing Traplet publications as I've still not received my subscription copy of Craft Stamper which was on general release May 6th!!! Oopsie. Had a nice (AND QUICK) response from Michelle at Traplet who is sending a copy out to me today so, hopefully, I shall be all Craft Stampered by tomorrow or Thursday!

Birthday wishes going out today to the following: SALLYB, MATTHEW (50 today - it won't hurt a bit!) and to one of my lovely U.S. neighbours, the lovely LEN! Hope you will all enjoy a fantabulous day with lots of cards, presents and treats! - you deserve it!

I hope the rest of you will all have a most excellent Tuesday - you deserve it too . . . catch you later, when I MAY have tidied and crafted!!!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

well you had a busy day!!!

i, too, was soooooooo sad to hear about ATRS closing. they were the first store i ever bought from online - boo hoo.

hugs, stef (Glitterbabe)

do check me out, my store and
Glitterbabe@Stitchy Bear

SallyB said...

Hi Kathy..
Thank you so much for the beautiful Birthday card. It is pride of place on top of the carriage clock on the mantlepiece...
I took lots of treats into work for tea break and then had a curry night with my girly gang...everyone could come so it was a table for 10 eating with 2 girls coming later for drinks...very rare that we all get together at once...its usually groups of 5 or 6.
Suitcases are being filled up so I have lots of clothes in piles! Two card orders to finish this week but I am not feeling very crafty at the moment, just so much to do for work before I go....I'll check back in with you later..xxx

Katiejane said...

Sorry to hear about your stamp store closing.
I like making inserts too, but always use bog standard plain printer paper. I punch the edges and voila!
Ooh more pens, they sound lovely.