Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Happy Tuesday everyone

Decided on some shopping this morning as my dear hubby tried on his tux last evening and ....... well, let's just say that whilst he COULD fasten the trousers we're neither of us sure that breathing was also a viable option!!! Mind you, it should also be pointed out that his tux is nigh on 25 years old (doesn't get a lot of wear you see!) and there's pretty much NOTHING in my wardrobe that old and which I could still get in to!, so he's doing way better than me!

We are now the owners of a new (and super spivvie) tux - not that I plan to wear it you understand!. M&S have evening suits at a silly price so we didn't even bother to consider not buying one!! Just gotta hope it holds up for the amount of formal evenings anticipated on our cruise later in the year! Cufflinks and bow tie are at the ready! As for me, I "treated" myself to some lingerie and a handbag sized perfume spray and that was it!

We also did a quick trolley dash round the food hall in preparation for dinner this evening as we have surrogate daughter, Becky, and her hubby, Chris, coming to dinner. We were only out of the house for 65 minutes and 30 of those were spent getting to and from the mall AND we circumnavigated the food hall too so you can tell - we were indeed on a mission and that appears to have been to spend as little time as possible at the mall! SUCCESS!!

Our dinner arrangements also mean that I had to clear out my reserve crafting room - aka the dining room! Since a couple of crafting pals came to play for the weekend (at the beginning of the month) I have "commandeered" the dining room for colouring in and die cutting! Now it looks like I shall have to try to shoe horn those crafting products back in to the tiny space where I craft - behind the couch!!! Wish me luck, it's a tight squeeze as it is! Well, if I didn't do it for tonight I would have to do it for the weekend as we have friends coming to dinner on Sunday too!

Oh how I wish I could wave a wand and have an instant transformation from this cluttered crafty space:

To this ....... tranquil and ready for our Italian themed evening! Except for the dessert which is going to be fruit crumble!!

I hear that QVC has a two hour Christmas Crafting Special on this afternoon (2-4 pm) so I may just check it out but, with 85 Christmas cards already in my stash, there surely cannot be anything I need!!! Well, you'd think not anyway! So my clearing of the dining room may just have to get done in double quick time!

Her's a new one to me ...... just tried to check in with my crafting buddies on craftbubble and all I got was a "WEB SITE DISABLED" message!!!!!!!! YIKES - not had that one before! Anyone else got a problem with http://www.craftbubble.com/? I have spoken to the peeps at the Origin on-line department and am assured that the problem is indeed being "looked in to" as ALL of their affiliated websites are affected. The young lady I spoke to did say that she anticipated service being back on-line before 2:30 - fingers crossed otherwise, we can all meet here to put the world to rights!!

Anyhoo, with that particular transformation out of the way it's time to move on to the lounge so, without further ado I'm off to put the TV and the vacuum on!! Laterz peeps! Have a good afternoon


Lauren Hatwell said...

I've got the same message Kathy. Let's hope they are dealing with the SPAW related disaster...

clare said...

your table looks lovely all set up for the evening. i've got the same message too, we might be needing our blog again if it keeps up!! x

Michelle B. said...

Eighty-five Christmas cards already, yikes I haven't even started!! Enjoy QVC, you can never have too much stuff!

Debs M said...

completely forgot about qvc but did buy a couple more boxes from poundland..i am planning on getting much more organised as i can't find anything x

scrappyjacky said...

The dining room looks perfect....and I'm most impressed with your xmas card count....I better get started!!

Dolly Daydreams said...

Kathy thank you for your comments and will certainly take a look at the sites you mentioned. Good luck with the dinner this evening your table looks lovely, have fun !