Wednesday, 20 July 2011

What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday

Morning folks - how's your Wednesday shaping up?

Be warned, slightly long and rambling post alert ... but there ARE photos to break it up!

As regular readers will know, I was AWOL yesterday as I was off meeting a crafting pal in that great metropolis otherwise known as Burnham on Sea. Now, don't get me wrong, it's a nice place but big it ain't! Jacky, her pal Gill and I met at Morrisons because we figured we could all find it and find it we did!, meeting at 14:00 and then adjourning across the road to a coffee shop called FORTES where I indulged in a sticky caramel shortbread, Jacky in chocolate gateau and Gill in apple pie and custard - mmmm - no dinner required in my house!!! YEAH RIGHT!

After a refreshing cuppa and a chat we set off in search of Burnhams only craft shop, material needs which was much like the rest of Burnham - not very big ...... but packed with stuff for all sorts of crafts and we all found stuff to buy! Jacky found some ribbon marked up like a tape measure so we both had a metre of that! I also bought a small length of purple (what else?!) lace for practising the faux lace technique and Gill bought some wool and some pretty paper flowers.

We then made our way to the sea front, for a photo opportunity .... oh boy, was that a mistake???? Blimey it was blustery - check this out ..... do I look like I was just cleared for take off, or what???

Jacky didn't care too much for the photo of her so, of course, I haven't posted it on here but she may publish the photo that Gill took of Jacky and I so check her blog next week

It was like being at Weston-Super-Mare, the tide's always out!

Burnham meeting place - Morrison's!!!
 All too soon the afternoon disappeared and, as I had to drive home to Bristol and Jacky and Gill had shopping to do - I headed home. It was great to meet up again and I hope we shall have the chance to do this again some time.

Anyhoo ......... it's What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday and, as I got acrylics AND nipped in to Hobbycraft and bought some canvas yesterday, it's probably about time I got paint-y!! Before heading off to my bed last night I put an extra coat of gesso on to one of the canvas' in readiness for the creative onslaught today - however, I've woken up completely devoid of inspiration so - maybe I'll watch Kate's DVD again first.

All ready to rock and roll .... as soon as inspiration strikes!

Here's a close up of my thickly gesso'd canvas - ready to apply the acrylic ...... hopefully some time soon, I'm hoping you may be able to see the thick texture of the gesso?

And here's the paint - all ready and waiting!

Have a splendid Wednesday, what ever's on your work desk!


Brenda Brown said...

Canvas - that looks interesting. Good day yesterday then - glad you didn't take off - literally I mean!!!
Have a great day.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Debs M said...

have fun painting Kathy x

jackid said...

Hi Kathy boy I bet that blew any cobwebs away lol can't wait to see what you create with your canvas I am very intregued
Jacki xx

Sandy said...

Wow, that tide is really out, fab picture of you being blown away!

Lilian said...

Hello kathy. Its funny you should be talking about this canvas as a lady at club was doing it last night. I am lookng foward to seeing what you do with it,
Take care lilian