Monday, 8 August 2011

Afternoon and here we are at Monday again

Afternoon readers,

Hope you all enjoyed a fabulous weekend. I certainly did. Just want to warn you that this is a bit of a long post so you might want to make a cuppa first and make yourself comfy!

You will, by now, have realised that hubby and I have been away for the weekend and that we have been to Essex to visit friends. It has been the weekend of our 25th wedding anniversary (which is today btw) and we've had a smashing time. We headed to Essex on Friday, arriving early afternoon. As soon as we checked in to our hotel I sent a text to Lauren to say we had arrived ... she put the kettle on and there was also CAKE!!! (of the chocolate and courgette kind, made by Alan, and simply delicious) Afterwards, there was a little light retail therapy - of the craft-y kind! Steve amused himself for half an hour and then it was back to Lauren's (via Waitrose, for some essential provisions)! We dined at the wondrous Blue Strawberry and thoroughly enjoyed our evening, and the glass of champagne we started off with!

Saturday morning dawned fine and this was just as well as the lads had a full on day planned and headed off to Southend airport, where a quick recce around the Vulcan bomber had been organised and then rounded off with a local airshow and an even more local curry before heading back home to wait for us rock chicks! Lauren and I headed off to Barleylands craft village where there were two craft shops so the obligatory light crafting retail therapy took place! We had a bite of lunch and then chatted to one of Zephyr's (a young eagle) handlers before heading off to meet Lauren's pal, Mary, and her dog Spangle and doggy pal, Daisy! Mary's husband (and instigator of the trip round the Vulcan) came home whilst we were there so at least we already knew that a good time had been had by all! After a brief return to home/hotel for a quick change we headed in to London for our evening concert at the O2 arena, dinner at Wagamama's and then off to see Iron Maiden. Our seats were well up in the nosebleeds and I'm pretty sure we passed Sherpa's handing out oxygen (though I MAY have been hallucinating and they might only have been checking tickets!) before we reached our seats. After a short time we realised that this was simply too high for our comfort and we headed out to see if we could move, the lovely lady at the information box was able to bring us down in to the foothills and we were able to thoroughly enjoy the concert! Of course, when we all piled out at the end of it there was a HUGE line of people all wanting to leave on the tube! This took a while to disperse and, after one or two further hiccups, we arrived back home and headed off to our respective beds!

Sunday also dawned fine and dandy and we were at Lauren and Alan's for a leisurely lunch and some light crafting (!?). Alan is a great cook and we knew we weren't going to be leaving hungry! His chocolate and orange cake was delish! There followed die cutting and spritzing and stamping and general mayhem featuring our new stash acquisitions and the time came for us to leave Lauren, Alan and the lads to enjoy what was left of their weekend. After a brief foray back to the hotel we headed to the Nags Head for a beer (or two!) and Steve met his new best friend from New Zealand - aka the barman!

We got up this morning and fortified ourselves with a good breakfast before hitting the M25 around 10:00 and getting home around 12:30 - first stop? CUPPA!

Lots of anniversary cards, so a HUGE thank you to everyone who was kind enough to send us a card, they have all been greatly appreciated - we can't believe we've been married 25 years!

Our pal (and neighbour), Debbie, had plainly been watching for our car and rang to say that she had "taken in a delivery" and could she bring it across - we put the kettle on again! She came over bearing an enormous container and inside this container was a fabulously personalised cake and matching hand made card from our pals, Liz and Graeme. Liz has never made cards before. It's fabulous and thank you soooooooooooooo much Liz and Graeme, for your kind and thoughtful gift and card. BIG thanks also to Debbie for participating in this plan and for delivering said cake, safely, today - it's lovely to have friends who are prepared to go to such lengths.

I'd like to share a few photos with you so ......

Me and Lauren, trying to catch up on-line ... and BERT trying to stop us!

Zephyr, the 16 week old eagle - her wingspan is over 7'0"!!!

STASH!, from three stores this weekend!

The wonderful cake from our friends, Liz and Graeme and the fab card made by Liz' fair hand

The O2 arena - we were about EIGHT (yes 8!) rows from the very TOP!

 Hope your Monday is proceeding magnificently!


scrappyjacky said...

Those heights are one of the reasons I won't go to the O2....but looks like you managed a great time.
Happy Anniversary.

Katiejane said...

Wowee! Kathy, what a fab time you've been having! I so need to try one of Alan's cakes they sound delicious! What a way to celebrate such a special anniversary with such great friends.
A very Happy 25th Anniversary to you and Steve. Here's to the next 25!
Katie x
P.S No we weren't celebrating in Berlin, well kind of I guess ...a week without kids! :)

My name is Wynneth said...

Whooo..... Hooooo.... ! sounds like you had a blast ;o) Lots of cake, concert and clumber cuddles - faberooney LOL Great piccies too, thanks for sharing.

Becky said...

Hi Kathy, Looks like u had a fab weekend and I like ur new stash :)
Happy 25th Anniversary.
Becky x

Lauren Hatwell said...

It WAS a fab weekend. So great to see you. Ashamed to say the dining room table is still COVERED in stash. I see you CLAIM that you were catching up with word from The Bubble but if you look closer you can see that you only have eyes for The Bad Bertster (and he, quite plainly, only has ears for you). This, of course, was part of his EVIL plan. He seems delighted; though I see he also has half an eye on the camera.

Dear me! I've come over all "high on a hill with a lonely goat herd-a-layee-herd-a-layee-herd-a-lay-hee-hooo". It WAS high wasn't it. Plahhhhh

A VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both and thanks so much for spending your weekend with us. We feel very privileged.

Smashing looking cake...slurp


Shirley-anne said...

Hi Kathy .well sounds like you had a wonderful time . Congrats on your Anniversary too . Thanks for sharing memory making moments.
Hugs Shirley-anne

Faith A said...

Happy Anniversary, and what a way to remember it, sounds like you had a whale of a time and them come home to more celebrations, just wonderful. Thanks for sharing your trip.