Saturday, 13 August 2011

Happy Saturday folks

Morning all,

Saturday once more and, as my regular readers know, Saturday's are challenge days - so here are today's!

The Craft Mad and Loving It Sketchie has been set this week by Lauren and she has added the theme of HELLO to her sketch.

And over on the Simply Less Is More blog there is a new Clean And Simple challenge:


Once more we are back to the second week of the month and so our challenge is for a One Layer Card.
The special feature we would like to see this week is for you to ....... USE INK ...hopefully in a way you haven't tried before.... or using a favourite technique. If you can avoid using the computer this week, that would be great, but we wouldn't want to to miss a week if the computer is your only method of card making.

Yesterdays activities involved buying ourselves new camera's. Having just returned from a weekend away, imagine how disappointed my hubby was to discover not one but four splodges on his camera lens - they quite spoiled some of his images of the Vulcan bomber, taken whilst at Southend airport. Being a handy and technical sort of chap he took the camera apart as far as he easily could and gave it a good old clean ...... they were still there! At this point we had the discussion about replacing the camera. Next step was to ring the manufacturer to enquire about the cost of a clean and/or service ...... £117!! YIKES, you could buy a fairly decent camera for not much more. THEN we looked at mine. Whilst nowhere near as bad as his there were some splodges on mine too. Ooopsie, guess this put us in the market for two camera's then. Now, we don't go out and just impulse buy and two whole days were spent researching and we narrowed it down to three ..... so we went off in search of these three models. Of course, we had no chance when we went in to Best Buy and they only had the top model available!! Again with the ooopsie! UNFORTUNATELY, it was very impressive and had much (MUCH) better specs than our existing so we asked the question "What additional discount if we buy TWO?" - after all, those that don't ask don't get ...... another £20 off! - so well worth doing ...... and now we have two new camera's!

So, imagine our delight when last nights BALLOON FIESTA weekend's mass balloon ascent took place as planned and the wind? well it brought them right over our place so we nipped out and took a few piccies with our new toys - btw, so we know which one's which mine has a little bit of purple embellishment - go figure!!!! There were certainly a good few more than there had been in the morning!
Happy Saturday folks.


Cheryl said...

oh super photos,hun glad you got your new cameras,hun hugs cherylxxx

Debs M said...

bad luck that they both needed replacing but at least it's sorted x

SallyB said...

Hey Kathy..
Ohh I feel the need to get a new camera too.
I have a very old 1984 Nikon FG20 that I used all through Art College and a Nikon Coolpix but would like something a bit nicer...
A SLR Digi ...thats my task for today!
Hope you have a fab weekend taking snaps...

My name is Wynneth said...

Well done on your multiple bargain buys, I'm sure they will be a great source of enjoyment for you both. Lovely piccies of the barroons yesterday, it must be awesome to live on the flight path and enjoy scenes like this frequently :o)

Enjoy your sketchie day whatever you have planned.

Lauren Hatwell said...

Ooooh, fab photo's there Kathy. Sounds like those cameras were real must haves. What a shame about the splodges. How annoying. Hope Steve managed to get some decent pics or you might have to come back over to our place to take some more (and that would be tragic wouldn't it - nudge nudge wink wink....)

Have a good one. Looking forward to seeing your one layer LIM card AND, of course, your card for my own challenge.