Monday, 26 September 2011

Hi there, Monday morning and all's well!

Well it's Monday  here anyway,

To those lovely readers in the U.K. it's early afternoon - hope you're having a good day.

Last evening saw us picking up Wynneth and Tom and heading for the Orlando Ale House on the 192. As soon as we got out of the car we thought we might have made a mistake ...... the outside seating area had TV's blaring. We went on inside and found it to be much the same and the staff were all dressed in their fave teams colours too - note to self, never again on game night!!!! We trooped back to the car to think of plan B!, which turned out to be the Outback steakhouse a mile or so down the road - good call as we had a great meal. Our server, Matthew, took a photo of us all but it's just a smidge dark

Dessert was a "Chocolate Thunder from Down Under"!! and four (yes FOUR) spoons!!
Then it was back to the place Wynneth and Tom are currently calling home where we chatted further over drinkies till it was well past dark and our blinks were getting longer and we headed home. Check out the lovely view they have from their place ..........

I've put these photographs in to a slide show but (STUPIDLY) didn't realise that I hadn't changed the album it was going in to ..... so, they're in with my cards. When I've the time and inclination I'll change them and re-install the links (which will break when I move them to the correct album) - DOH!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day - catch y'all tomorrow.


Lauren Hatwell said...


It IS a gorgeous view, there is no doubt. That said, I'd be worried about that open water. What if a greedy great gator decided to take a dip in it....bleugh.....! Careful there Wynneth and Tom. Lx

scrappyjacky said...

I'm not surprised you get 4 spoons with that dessert!!

Spyder said...

ohooo lovely pics, thanks for popping over, I've just got back from my trip to Deven/Cornwall...