Thursday, 8 September 2011

Morning folks - how is it with you?

Morning all,

Welcoming new follower, Qi Quilly, thanks for following - hope you'll find a reason to pop back from time to time.

I did a stupid thing last night and, yes, I OUGHT to know better but I was sooooooooo tired that I hit the hay far too early last night, slept like a log ....... till 05:15!! After nearly 9 hours though I just knew going back to sleep wasn't an option but I tried - didn't work! Entirely my own fault but you know how it is when you are so tired that your eyes feel scratchy - you just gotta close 'em - I blame the fabulous cheesecake we had for dessert and kindly provided by Sally and Roger, in celebration of our recent 25th wedding anniversary and courtesy of The Cheesecake Factory!

Yesterday was an interesting day but a bit irritating on the domestic front. Firstly, we discovered a bulb gone in one of those hard to reach holders, then it was two of the radiant rings on the hob and finally the dryer was making a weird ticking noise! The bulb was easily rectified though neither of us cares for ladders. On to the hob ...... part acquired ......... part dud so back to Lowes (like B&Q) for an exchange - just so happened to pass Applebees on the way home so stalled whilst we stopped for steak (mine with shrimp, cajun spices and sausage and Mr K's with shrimp and a parmesan sauce). New part functional so there was a little fiddling and faffing and .... VOILA!!

The dryer was a little trickier and involved being turned on its side and ritually disembowelled, but my resident engineer (Mr K) discovered the cause of the problem ......... a penny! His reward? Well, I let him keep the penny!! and I gave him a piece of that yummy tiramisu cheesecake too ....... thought I better join him with a slice too, well, rude to make him eat it alone, eh? The good news? At least everything is now fully operational - YAY!! No excuse not to cook or do laundry then - hmmmmm.

Still black as pitch outside this morning so no idea what the weather will be like today, we've plans to dine with our neighbours this afternoon - no idea where we're going so ....... watch this space!

Have a good day peeps


scrappyjacky said...

Good thing you have a resident expert!!!

clare said...

scrummy looking cheesecake.

Lauren Hatwell said...

Morning Kathy. Wow that cheesecake looks good. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...he's a bloomin' marvel your hubby. Glad to hear he was suitably rewarded for his efforts. Hope that penny doesn't burn a hole in his pocket ;oD